Elden Ring is a dark fantasy action-RPG game where you get to choose your own adventure. The game allows players to uncover secrets of the past and determine their fate as they venture through a dangerous world full of monsters, loot, weapons and magic. What makes this title stand out from other games is its use of two real swords in each player’s inventory: an Uchigatana with Japanese mythology origins that can be found during gameplay or bought for in-game currency called Maku Leaves.,

The “elden ring uchigatana upgrade path” is a popular location in the Elden Ring. It is located near the entrance of the area, and it contains a weapon called the Uchigatana.

Elden Ring: Where to Find the Uchigatana & Location

The Uchigatana is one of Elden Ring’s stronger early-game weapons, particularly for dexterity-focused setups. It’s highly effective for dual-wielders, as it produces a buildup of blood loss, which may be deadly to certain bosses and adversaries. But where in the Lands Between might you discover the Uchigatana?

This Elden Ring brief tutorial will show you where to locate the Uchigatana and why it’s useful. The sword’s stats, weapon skill ability, and Effects that are not active will also be covered. 

How to Locate the Uchigatana in Elden Ring

If you choose the Samurai as your beginning character, the Uchigatana will be your default weapon. The Uchigatana is hidden in the Lands Between for those who wish to power stance with it or select any other beginning class (there are better options than Samurai depending on your playstyle). 

Fortunately, the Uchigatana can be obtained rather early in Elden Ring. It may be found on the high cliffs northwest of the Saintsbridge Site of Grace in the Deathtouched Catacombs mini-dungeon. What’s great is that the dungeon is tiny, and there aren’t many adversaries to contend with.


Go to Warmaster’s Shack first to obtain the Uchigatana in Deathtouched Catacombs. If you don’t know where Warmaster’s Shack is, it’s on the route to Stormveil Castle, east of the Stormhill Shack Site of Grace. Take the path north of Warmaster’s Shack into the forest. Go east up to the plateau in the shadow of the large stone bridge cutting across the region, and look for the rocks coming up on the right side. 

Go east after you’ve reached the plateau. Continue beyond the big, square remains (the square box on the plateau map) and descend to the cliffs beyond. On the map, where the cliffs round slightly lies the entrance to the Deathtouched Catacombs. Outside the entrance, you’ll see a ghost kneeling.

Enter the Deathtouched Catacombs and relax at the Grace Site. Take the stairwell to the bottom and turn left. Continue down two more flights of stairs, then make a 180-degree turn at the bottom. Returning your attention to the stairwell you just descended, enter the little door on the left, immediately before the small archway.

Continue down the tunnel into the next enormous area, then through the left-hand door. The Uchigatana is perched on a corpse at the edge of the room, with a view of the floor below. 


Effects that are not active and Abilities of Uchigatana

The Uchigatana is a solid early-game weapon that, depending on your build and approach, may be improved into a mid- to late-game competitor. The Uchigatana scales to both Strength and Dexterity equally early on (both are D grade scaling characteristics by default), but after upgrading to +4 at Blacksmith Hewg, it leans toward Dexterity.

By default, the Uchigatana has the Blood Loss accumulation passive effect. If utilized correctly, this is one of Elden Ring’s most potent status effects, capable of melting boss health bars. 

Unlike other bleed effects, Blood Loss builds up damage over time by hitting several times within a defined duration to inflict large amounts of damage all at once. The Uchigatana isn’t the only weapon capable of doing so. This effect may be found in any of the mini-dungeons containing gargoyle opponents, such as Stormfoot Catacombs, which is where the first Erdtree Burial Watchdog can be found. 


Finally, the Unsheathe weapon talent is included with the Uchigatana, allowing you to make two powerful strikes.

  1. A light strike with the Uchigatana causes a quick slicing dash for 10 FP, cutting opponents in an arc and causing numerous monsters to be damaged at once. It may also temporarily stagger certain opponents, such as the Knights of Limgrave. 
  2. A powerful assault with the Uchigatana results in a 15 FP overhead strike, allowing you to avoid certain protected adversaries (not all, so don’t go crazy) and punish enemies with low, lunging strikes, such as the big hounds in Caelid. The blow slashes down on the enemy’s head as it passes above their head.

Do you have any questions on how to utilize Unsheathe with the Uchigatana? Press R1/RB for the light/slashing strike and R2/RT for the powerful overhead attack while holding L2/RT. Note that whether you’re using the Uchigatana single-handed or two-handed, the inputs and strikes remain the same.

Stats for Uchigatana


The default stats for the Uchigatana are as follows:

  • Slash/Pierce is the damage type.
  • Ability: Unsheathe (10/15 FP cost)
  • 5.5 pounds
  • Attack Strength
    • Physical stats: 115
    • Magic: 0
    • Fire: 0
    • 0 for lightning
    • Holy: 0
    • Critical: a hundred
  • Negative Damage Guarded
    • Physical stats: 45
    • 30 minutes of magic
    • Fire: 30
    • 30 minutes of lightning
    • Holy: 30
    • Guard Strengthening: 30
  • Scaling of Attributes
  • Required Characteristics
  • Effects that are not active

In Elden Ring, that’s where you’ll discover the Uchigatana. It is the starting class for the Samurai, and it can be found in Deathtouched Catacombs for all other classes. It’s a weapon that, depending on your build, might last you until the mid-game or even beyond, particularly if you respec your character into Dex or use various Ashes of War. Click the blue links throughout this guide for additional Elden Ring advice, or go to our developing center here.

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