Elden Ring is a game set in the world of Dark Souls 3. It’s recommended for players that are at least level 100 and have an understanding of basic gameplay mechanics, but it can be enjoyed by casual fans too! This article will teach you where to find the sword of Night and Flame location.

The “elden ring sword of night and flame location” is a difficult place to find, but it can be done. It is located in the Elden Ring region of Skyrim.

Elden Ring: Where to Find the Sword of Night and Flame Location

The Sword of Night and Flame is one of the greatest weapons in Elden Ring, and it can be found near the middle of the game. The Sword of Night and Flame is a strong weapon for those with the intellect and faith to wield it, and it gives you access to two spells without taking up vital memory spaces. 

Finding the Sword of Night and Flame’s location isn’t difficult at all. The true challenge will be navigating the adversaries on your way. This Elden Ring guide will show you where to look in Caria Manor for the Sword of Night and Flame.

Where can I find the Sword of Night and Flame in Elden Ring?


The Sword of Night and Flame may be discovered at Caria Manor in Liurnia of the Lakes’ far northwestern corner. To get entrance to this bigger region above Limgrave, you must first fight Margit, the Fell Omen, and Godrick the Grafted. Once you’ve done that, go to Liurnia’s extreme western outskirts and north along the coastline road. You might alternatively go via Liurnia’s central region, passing through Raya Lucaria Academy before heading west from Sorceror’s Isle. 

If you haven’t yet leveled your stats into the mid- to high-30s, be aware of the rather high-level foes here (depending on your build and skill). Large magic strikes will hit the main road as you approach Caria Manor, so stick to the left as you reach the Site of Grace at the Main Gate. 


The Manor Gate Site of Grace is your first step toward the Sword of Night and Flame. Just beyond the gate, turn left into the woodland. Go up the rocks along the Manor wall, keeping an eye out for the Giant Hand in the ground to the right of the cliffs (on the left).

Turn right at the top of the cliffs and go under the stone archway. Stay to the left of the wall until the earth begins to rise; there is a Giant Hand buried in the ground along the wall, so go to the right a little. 


You’ll notice more Hands ahead, as well as a stone stairs on the left that leads to the Manor. Run over to the Manor and climb the stairway. Go up the wooden steps on the right side of the chamber, then turn left and climb another flight of stairs. You will be in a chapel with a Grace Site.

Rest for a few moments before exiting the church via the entryway at the Site of Grace. You’ve made it halfway to the Night and Flame Sword.


There are around a dozen Blue Phantoms troops spawning around the towers and bridges ahead of you. They have the ability to use magic and will appear in front of you, behind you, and on top of you. 

With that in mind, go to Tower 1 by crossing the bridge (carefully). Finally take the route to Tower 2 on the left, over another bridge, and then to Tower 3 on the right, over still another bridge. 


Jump down to the roof below by looking over the left corner of Tower 3 (pointing northwest). Continue straight and descend to the next roof. A hole and a ladder led to the bottom. Descend the stairwell.


Turn around at the bottom and you’ll notice shelves of books and containers of crystals all everywhere. A chest with a chest may be found in the left-hand corner ahead of you (across from the entrance). It contains the Sword of Night and Flame. 

Sword of Night and Flame Passives & Abilities


The Sword of Night and Flame, unlike the Uchigatana, does not have any preset Effects that are not active. It does, however, deal physical, magical, and fire damage. With INT and FAITH at +3, the Sword of Night and Flame continues to scale higher when you upgrade it, going from D to C. 

The Night-and-Flame Stance talent ability is the Sword of Night and Flame’s main selling point. It enables you to perform Comet Azure, one of Elden Ring’s best spells, as well as a powerful flame attack, without having to use memory spaces for sorceries or incantations.

  1. Comet Azure is cast for 19 FP with a light strike using the Sword of Night and Flame. Your character lifts the Sword of Night and Flame over their head, leaps forward, and fires a magical spear straight in front of you. Even when locked-on, this spell does not take height into consideration.
  2. A sweeping flame strike for 23 FP is performed by a heavy assault with the Sword of Night and Flame. The sword is swung over the character’s head and then down in an arc, with the flame generating a tiny explosion at the conclusion. Consider this to be a 180-degree AoE.

Have you ever wondered how to utilize the Sword of Night and Flame with the Night-and-Flame Stance? Press R1/RB for the light/slashing strike and R2/RT for the powerful overhead attack while holding L2/RT. Note that whether you’re using the Sword of Night and Flame single-handed or two-handed, the inputs and attacks are the same.

Stats for the Sword of Night and Flame


The default stats for the Sword of Night and Flame are as follows:

  • Type of damage: Standard/Pierce
  • Night-and-Flame Stance (FP cost — 19/23) is an ability.
  • 4.0 pounds
  • Attack Strength
    • Physical stats: 87
    • Magic Number: 56
    • Fire: 56
    • 0 for lightning
    • Holy: 0
    • Critical: a hundred
  • Negative Damage Guarded
    • Physical stats: 36
    • 42 (Magic)
    • Fire: 42
    • 26. Lightning
    • Holy: 26
    • Guard Strengthening: 31
  • Scaling of Attributes
    • STR: E
    • DEX: E
    • INT: D
    • FAITH: D
  • Required Characteristics
    • STR: 12
    • DEX: 12
    • INT: 24
    • 24. FAITH
  • Effects that are not active

That’s where the Sword of Night and Flame may be found in Elden Ring. If leveled at Blacksmith Hewg, it may show its utility late in the game. Smithing Stones may be found all throughout the globe, but they can also be purchased at the Roundtable Hold. This is explained in detail in our Bell Bearings tutorial. Also, since you’ll need Runes, you should obtain this Talisman. Visit our Elden Ring advice page for additional information. 

The “elden ring sword of night and flame early” is a location in Elden Ring that can be found early on. In order to find the sword, players must go through the sewers of Elden Ring.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Night and Flame Sword Elden Ring?

A: To get Night and Flame Sword, you must complete the game.

Where is the Sword of Night and Flame?

A: The Sword of Night and Flame is a sword that was created by the Decepticons.

How to use Sword of Night and Flame xbox?

A: To use the sword and shield, hold down both mouse buttons at the same time. The two raised parts of the hilt will be your grip.

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