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The “elden ring d” is a questline that takes place in the Elden Ring. The questline will help you find Fia and complete her questline.

Elden Ring: How to Find Fia & Complete Her Questline

In Elden Ring, completing Fia’s questline unlocks one of the game’s secret endings. Although there are less stages here than there are in Ranni’s quest, the two are linked in that failing Ranni’s will prevent you from finishing Fia’s.

However, some aspects of the Fia chain make practically all of Ranni’s quest appear like child’s play when compared to the other. Beyond the improved ending, though, there are some significant prizes for finishing this quest, so it is definitely worth your time. Now take advantage of the Deathbed Companion’s embraces and the mark of Death itself.

How to Finish Fia’s Elden Ring Questline

Take the hallway leading to Master Hewg on the side of the chamber with the fireplace the first time you arrive at the Roundtable Hold. The open door closest to the Table leads to a bedroom with a female figure, Fia.

Step 1: Allow Fia to guide you.

When you speak with Fia, she will express her desire to hold you. Allow her to do so. You’ll get the Baldachin’s Blessing item, which reduces your health by 5% but substantially enhances your poise for a short time when utilized.

Step 2: Keep allowing Fia to hold you.

Return to Fia right away or after some exploration, with or without the Baldachin’s Blessing. Continue to have her hold you until the option to Talk in Secret appears. Allow her to tell you a little about herself.

Step 3: Continue the Story

Fia won’t say much more to you until you’ve fought at least two shardbearing demigods and made your way to the Altus Plateau, which you may do with the Dectus Medallion. Return to Fia on a regular basis to see whether you can advance to Step 4.

Be cautious: do not hand over the Black Knifeprint to Rogier until you have entered her service. This breaks Ranni and Fia’s chain completely.

Step 4: Go back to Fia and do a favor for her.


Return to Fia after you’ve made enough progress in the tale and let her hug you once again. A new option will emerge, asking if you might help her with anything. She’ll hand over the Weathered Knife to you.

Step 5: At the Roundtable Table, give D the Weathered Knife.


To give D the dagger, go to the middle room and chat with him. He’ll inquire as to where you obtained it before sending you on your way.

Step 6: Go to the Back Room, which is next to Hewg.


Go down the hall to Fia’s chamber, which is occupied by Hewg, the smith. The far end of the hall’s door will now be open. Enter to view Fia and D’s bodies.

Fia will make a statement and then vanish. Take D’s Bell Bearing and armor with you. Later on, you’ll need his equipment.

Ranni’s Questline should be progressed at this point.

From the top of the Liurnia Divine Tower, use our guide to Ranni’s quest to earn the Inverted Caria Statue and the Cursemark of Death.

Step 8: Make your way to Nokron, the Eternal City, and the Siofra Aquaduct.


To unlock the road to Nokron, defeat Starscourge Radahn with the assistance of our guide to his boss battle. After the Mimic Tear combat, instead of walking into the city itself, continue north past the singing adversary. If you’re heading in the proper direction, you’ll notice some jellyfish floating in the air.

Obtain access to the aqueduct. Kill the Crucible Knights if you choose, but keep heading north along the river, finally turning right into a little catwalk. You’ll see a young guy napping in just his underwear.

Speak with him to get the Inner Order Gesture, then hand up D’s armor when requested.

Step 9: Defeat the Brave Gargoyle Couple and Ride the Coffin


A gigantic boss arena at the end of the Aqueduct is guarded by a pair of massive gargoyle monsters. Defeat them by whatever means required, then collect the Site of Grace that emerges before heading to the arena’s edge waterfalls. Under the surging waves, there will be an open coffin. Ride it up the waterfall after you’ve gotten inside.

Step ten: Explore the depths of the Deeproot

The coffin will transport you to Deeproot Depths, a secret place under the Erdtree. You’ll discover a map fragment around halfway through. As you enter the subterranean ruins, you’ll see a big tree root going up and away from the structures on the southern end. There’s a Site of Grace at the top, as well as an opening in the roots that Torrent can’t get through. Take a look around.

Defeat Fia’s Champions in Step 11


A massive boss arena may be found beyond the opening in the roots of the enormous arena. Head towards the rear of the building until Fia’s Champion spirits materialize.

These foes, including Rogier’s ghost, have very little health but inflict a lot of damage. They behave similarly to gamers, but as NPCs, they will be able to understand your inputs and respond quicker than any human. The fight’s third phase throws you against three Champions, so keep an eye on your surroundings and eliminate one at a moment until they’re all beaten.

Step 12: Make contact with Fia.


Fia appears at the foot of the tree at the rear of the arena, where her champions have triumphed. Go up to her and introduce yourself. She’ll make fun of you for a long until you either reject her way of life or just want to be hugged.

Accept the embrace into your life, even if she is hesitant at first. When you’re given the choice, affirm that you wish to be detained. Use the “Talk in Secret” option to communicate with her.

Step 13: Bestow the Death Curse on Fia.


Fia will say that she needs another half of a hallowbrand to complete a particular rune during your talk with her. Give her the Cursemark you discovered at the top of the Liurnia Divine Tower (shown above) at this point, and listen to the remainder of her narrative. Allow her to let you go after she’s done, then sit at the adjacent Site of Grace.

Step 14: Defeat Lichdragon Fortissax in the Deadbed Dream.


When you rest at the Grace, Fia will be sleeping, and engaging with her will encourage you to “Touch Fia.” Enter the Deathbed Dream as a result of doing so.

This will transport you to a new instance of Fia’s arena, where you will be greeted by the gigantic Lichdragon Fortissax, an undead dragon king wielding red lightning. Destroy him.

Claim the Death-Mending Prince’s Rune in Step 15.


You’ll be returned to Fia, who will have a shiny object over her sleeping corpse now that the Lichdragon is dead again. This is the Death-Mending Prince’s Rune, an artifact that unlocks the secret ending.

(Optional) Step 16: Take another rest at Fia’s Grace Site.


Rest once again at the Site of Grace near Fia if you give the young guy in Nokron D’s Armor. D will reappear, his bleeding sword raised in the air. The young guy turns out to be D’s twin brother, on a mission to assassinate Fia in order to prevent what you’ve already made possible. Of course, he is unaware of this, so his speech is arrogant but in futile.

Listen to him out, then return to Grace. Now that D’s brother is dead, you’ll be able to reclaim the armor set and the sword used to slay Fia. Fia’s cloths are also nearby.

Step 17: Finish the game and mend the Elden Ring using the Mending Rune.

Complete the remainder of Elden Ring as normal with the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince in hand. If you opt to mend the Elden Ring using the Mending Rune, Fia’s questline will be completed and her ending will be triggered.

That’s all you need to do to finish Fia’s questline in Elden Ring. Some of the monsters you’ll encounter will almost certainly need improved weaponry, so make that procedure as simple as possible using our Bell Bearings guide. If you’re an INT/FAITH build, the Sword of Night and Flame will come in handy. Then, using some of the greatest Elden Ring modifications, spice up your experience. Our resource center for guides is also growing. Return often.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find Fia Elden Ring?

A: You can find Fia Elden Ring in the Lions Arch Trading Post.

How to get to Fia Deeproot Depths?

A: The only way to reach Fia Deeproot Depths is through the end of an island. You can get there by teleporting onto the small patch near where you fight the three final bosses, or by going around a large rock in the water at D-4 on your map.

How to remove Fia debuff?

A: You can only remove the Fia debuff by finishing your song with 99% or higher accuracy.

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