The Elden Ring is a magical fantasy world where the wielders of ancient runes hold power over both nature and society. This game is available on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. Players can either create their own character or choose from pre-made options like warrior, assassin or thief

The “elden ring great runes how to use” is a guide that will teach you everything you need to know about the game. This includes how to equip and use great runes.

Elden Ring: How to Equip and Use Great Runes

In The Lands Between, Elden Ring requests that you murder the numerous shardbearing demigods. You’ll be awarded with their Great Rune if you do so. When donned, it can provide the Tarnished who utilize it a massive boost in power. 

Each Great Rune has a varied impact depending on the demigod who held it, but the technique of donning and activating their abilities is the identical. In this Elden Ring instruction, we’ll go through precisely how to utilize them.

Elden Ring: How to Equip and Use Great Runes


Godrick’s Great Rune is the first one you’re likely to obtain, but not certain to get, after slaying Godrick the Grafted of Stormveil Castle.

You won’t be able to utilize Godrick’s (or any other) until you empower it at a Divine Tower. The Great Rune is a Key Item in your inventory, but it is inactive and cannot be equipped at first. In Elden Ring, there is one such tower for each item, and you must climb to the top of each to unlock the ability to equip it.

The Godrick-keyed Limgrave Divine Tower is located across the bridge from Stormveil.


Rest at any Site of Grace on the map and scroll down to the Great Runes page after you’ve restored power to any Great Rune. When you open it, you’ll be sent to the Great Rune menu. Any of these goods you’ve obtained and activated will be listed here, and all you have to do now is choose one from the menu. Because you can only equip one at a time, pick them depending on your present needs.

Last but not least, the Great Rune’s effects will not manifest until you utilize the Rune Arc, at which time the Rune symbol to the left of your health, stamina, and FP bars will glow. The change in your numbers is typically a good indicator that one is active.

For example, Godrick’s Great Rune enhances all of your stats by five, increasing your health, damage, and everything else by the same amount. Depending on where they come from, other Great Runes do various things.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to utilizing and equipping Great Runes in Elden Ring. At least a half-dozen such objects are strewn across The Lands Between, possessed by ancient demigods. Make things simpler on yourself with our guide to the strongest spells in the game, or team up with some buddies with our cooperation guide. Check out our Elden Ring hub for additional information.

The “elden ring rune arc” is a skill in Elden Ring that allows the player to equip and use great runes. This skill can be unlocked by leveling up the “Rune Master” skill.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to equip Great Runes Elden Ring?

A: To equip Great Runes, find their corresponding color on the back of your Elden Ring. With each rune having a different armor type and class requirement, youll need to make sure that what youre wearing corresponds with the runes that they came from.

What are great Runes for Elden Ring?

A: The best Runes that you can use in Elden Ring are the Three Eye Rune and the Two Handed Sword Rune.

What do I do with great rune?

A: A great rune is a special type of talisman in RuneScape, it may be worth 10 coins or more. These runes can only be found on the ground by chance when caving.

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