The Elden Ring is a challenging boss fight in the game Elden Ring. These bosses are not easy, but there’s no reason you can’t beat them with these tips and tricks from our guide!

Elden Ring is a difficult boss in Elden Ring, the first dungeon in Dark Souls 3. Godrick the Grafted is one of the bosses and can be found at the end of the room. This guide will help you beat him.

Elden Ring Boss Guide: How to Beat Godrick the Grafted

Godrick the Grafted, often known as Godrick the Golden, is the first sharbearer demigod you’ll likely come across in Elden Ring. He’s the ruler of Stormveil Castle, and he’s an even more formidable foe than Margit, the Fell Omen, for those who aren’t prepared for his quick, wide-ranging, and strong strikes. Worst of all, at this stage in the game, his health pool is easily twice that of Margit’s at most character and weapon levels.

This Elden Ring boss guide intends to give you everything you need to defeat a demigod, claim his Great Rune, and continue on the journey to Elden Lord.

In Elden Ring, How to Defeat Godrick the Grafted


Godrick’s boss battle is split into two halves. His first phase serves as a warm-up for his second phase, as well as, like Margit, a primer for the remainder of the game’s bigger, set-piece boss battles. Godrick’s attacks have extensive windups and obvious tells, yet they can knock you out in two or three hits.

Godrick then changes to a little better-than-half-health state, as shown by a brief cinematic. Godrick will scream, then lift his ax towards the heavens, hack off one of his arms, and scream some more. A second cutscene will play, showing him grafting the head of the deceased dragon to his own body. The battle then moves on to the second phase.

Godrick the Grafted Attacks in the First Phase


In his initial phase, Godrick has five main assaults. He prefers powerful smashes and other ground-covering strokes, so none of them are very quick. Some of Godrick’s strikes have a large delay, like with many of Elden Ring’s monsters, so you must roll or block with purpose. Panic will only lead to your death.

Grind into Slam is the first attack.

Godrick, the boss’s default opening, comes at you, his axes crunching on the ground. He’ll swing when he gets close enough to you or after traversing a certain distance. Roll forward and to Godrick’s right about a quarter second before he reaches you or as he begins to start his swing to dodge this assault. You may block this attack, but doing so will deplete your energy and make whatever follows after it more difficult.

Attack 2: Quake with two axes

As he did in his introductory cutscene, Godrick will begin to chuckle, hold the hilt of his ax in both hands, and aim the blade towards the ground. He strikes the ax into the ground after around three seconds, causing a short-range earthquake. Then he’ll repeat the process for a quake that travels twice as far.

Rolling into both quakes as they happen and using the invincibility frames to come near and punish Godrick’s cooldown is the best way to fight this strike. If you’d rather withdraw, keep in mind that the quakes’ range extends beyond the visual component of the assault, so roll and guard farther to account for that.

3rd Attack: A Big but Ordinary Swing

This is Godrick’s most basic assault, consisting of a broad, rather slow swing of his ax while standing at near or close-medium range. It moves from your left to your right, covering Godrick’s front and half of his right side, as do all of his assaults. If you’re blocking, this is the ideal attack to straight-up tank, since it’s not strong enough to cause much damage to your stamina bar. It’s as easy as rolling to the boss’s side to avoid it.

Whirlwind is the fourth attack.

Godrick proceeds to create a whirlwind about himself by swinging his ax in a circle over his head. While dodging this strike is simple enough, its ultimate goal is to set up two additional, much more devastating attacks.

Whirlwind Roll and Slam is the fifth attack.

Godrick starts spinning in a semi-circle on his back after performing the Whirlwind, finally approaching you. He’ll shoot into the air once he’s within close to medium range, hang there for a second or two, then crash with the ground, generating a big shockwave.

Avoiding this strike, like Margit’s hammer smash, is simple: wait until Godrick begins falling, then roll toward him and to his right. Yes, you should keep that pattern in mind. It’ll be brought up again and again.

Whirlwind Double Shot (Attack 6)

Following the first whirlwind charge, Godrick will swing his ax and shoot forth a spinning spear of wind, followed by a second one immediately after. The first spear goes from left to right, while the second goes from right to left. To avoid the first, turn right; to avoid the second, turn left. Roll in the opposite direction of the spear’s original motion.

Phase Two Attacks of Godrick the Grafted


The second phase of Godrick’s boss battle is a primer on mainstream boss second phases. Godrick’s second phase adds major difficulty to the encounter without affecting its core, rather than completely changing how the monster operates (which does happen, but rarely). Godrick’s new dragon head arm brings a slew of new strikes, but the most interesting aspect is how his phase one assaults change.

Note that only new and altered attacks are described in the following sections.

Fire Breath is the first attack.

Godrick’s phase two opening is a leisurely wave of his dragon arm over an arc in front of him, throwing forth fire for a long distance. He traverses the arc slowly, and his main body is susceptible throughout the strike, so rush to his left to dodge the flames and wreak havoc on him until the fire goes out.

Bear Witness! is the second attack.

Godrick, as in his phase change sequence, extends his dragon head arm into the air and unleashes a tiny volcanic explosion. Flames and boulders erupt in all directions, with the rocks bursting once again as they strike the ground. The damage isn’t too bad here, but the attack’s radius is, so your best strategy is to just go.

Grab the dragon’s head in the third attack.

This is Godrick’s second phase’s most deadly assault, since it begins with the dragon head rearing back and showing its teeth, then swiftly moving across Godrick’s front from right to left. This one isn’t going to be blocked. Either you roll to the right or back at the appropriate moment, or you’ll lose at least 34% of your health in the process. If a cooperator is grabbed, don’t approach too near if you summon for this battle. The attack’s flames will injure you as well.

Triple Ax-Quake is the fourth attack.

Prepare to despise Godrick even more if you didn’t enjoy the first phase version of the quake strike. The setup and timing of the first two quakes are identical. The third quake has the longest delay of the three and affects the largest region. Getting out of here means fleeing as soon as Godrick lifts his axe. You may roll past the quakes as usual, but you’ll have to understand the timing of three of them now.

Flaming Whirlwind is the fifth attack.

The whirlwind and its attendant assaults are structured similarly to phase one, except they’re now on fire. Both the rolling slam and the wind spear have extra AoE effects that broaden and prolong the strikes’ impact. As a result, every explosion’s roll time is delayed by less than a quarter second. Yes, there’s a lot of pressure to meet deadlines, but it wouldn’t be the second phase without some extra challenges.

All of Godrick the Grafted’s attacks are listed above. Until with any boss tutorial, there’s only so much you can learn from words on a page, so expect to fail a few times as you figure out how to time his strikes and develop your own techniques.

That concludes the techniques for defeating Godrick in Elden Ring. There’s no shame in enlisting the assistance of the friendly cooperators who will undoubtedly be plenty around the Godrick boss fog. For further information, see our collaboration guide. Look no farther than our where to go first guide if you want to have a better idea of where to prepare for Godrick. Keep our Elden Ring guidelines center bookmarked since it’s still growing.

The “how to find godrick the grafted” is a boss in Elden Ring that can be found at the end of the dungeon. It’s a tough fight, but it’s possible to beat Godrick without too much trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions

What boss should I fight first in Elden Ring?

A: It is recommended that you fight The Beast first.

What do you get for beating Godrick?

A: By beating Godrick, youll reward yourself with a powerful new sword!
A: Im sorry, but this is not possible.

How do you beat Elden Ring?

A: You beat Elden Ring by collecting all the runes, then you must face a final boss at the end of each act.

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