The Trading Post is finally open for players to start trading their items and coins with each other. This has enabled the community of Eiyuden Chronicle Rising to grow exponentially, but not without challenges along the way. A guide on how you can get started in this exciting new feature!

In Eiyuden Chronicle Rising, the Trading Post is your one-stop shop for some of the game’s most crucial construction supplies. It’s a significant resource and one of the better stores in the game, and it sometimes pays you for collecting stamps.

In Eiyuden Chronicle Rising, how do you unlock the Trading Post?

Hogan the lizard man’s business is the Trading Post, and even if you come in town with him, he won’t set up shop for a time. His store mission becomes available after you’ve hired Garoo and made some progress in rebuilding the town during the main quest Catch That Girl!

Follow Second Street to the right until you come across Hogan. He’ll assign you the mission Go Get My Treasure Chest, which entails obtaining Hogan’s treasure chest. The chest in issue is located deep inside the Great Forest, beyond the Cave Signpost save and fast travel location. Follow the way to the right from the marker, staying on the high ground path.

It eventually takes you outdoors, where you’ll locate the blue chest on the walkway, marked with a blue quest sign.


Take it, exit the wilderness, and return to Hogan. Once you’ve accomplished the quest, the Trading Post will open with a good supply of timber, meat, stone, ore, and crystals.

You can obtain most common things, such as ore and timber, by exchanging money and a handful of another common commodity (such as ore and lumber). Other things, such as crystals, meats, and fruits, that are introduced when you improve the store, need a set amount of stamps to get.

And, regardless of the shop’s improvement level, there are still certain vital things, such as fish, that must be gathered in the wild.

In Eiyuden Chronicle Rising, how do you upgrade the Trading Post?

Completing more of Hogan’s tasks is required to upgrade it. The first, Where Is Sarita, is unlocked during the main quest On The Other Side. Because it’s the game’s 11th major mission, you won’t see it until after the shop opens.

That’s all there is to know about the Trading Post in Eiyuden Chronicle Rising; for additional information, see our other Eiyuden Chronicle Rising tutorials.

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