From Jalen Hurts, a second-year sophomore at Louisiana State University, comes a wide-ranging series of predictions for the Eagles’ 2017 season. We’ll kick things off with his thoughts on Eagles’ passing game. “Eagles Quarterback Jalen Hurts Thinks Patriots Rookie Quarterback Mac Jones, Will Shine, as a Starter”

If there’s one thing the Eagles, Falcons, and Patriots have done consistently during this NFL postseason, it’s made Ryan Mallett look like a star. After Mallett’s disastrous showing in the Patriots’ first-round matchup with the Texans, the Eagles handed him the most important game of his career.

The Philadelphia Eagles didn’t have to wait long to find a new starting quarterback after Carson Wentz tore his ACL in Week 14. The team quickly signed veteran quarterback Nick Foles, who was the Super Bowl MVP just one year ago.

If there’s one thing former Philadelphia Eagles and Alabama quarterbacks Jalen Hurts and New England Patriots rookie quarterback Mack Jones know, it’s how important it is to wait your turn.

Both quarterbacks have been patiently waiting for their chance to shine at Alabama. When they did, they both succeeded! Now that both quarterbacks have turned pro, Harts thinks Jones’ experience as a reserve will help him in the NFL.

Jaylen Hurts started his career at Alabama


When Harts arrived in Tuscaloosa, no one knew who he was until Alabama’s spring game. He passed five-star quarterback Blake Barnett and other quarterbacks ahead of him on the depth chart.

Barnett then served as the starter. When he failed to turn the ball over in the 2016 season opener against USC, he was replaced by Harts.

The Harts started the entire season before the 2018 national championship game against Georgia. When he struggled in the game against the Bulldogs, he was replaced by Tua Tagavailoa – and the rest is history.

Jones was behind Tagavailoa and Herts, which Herts believes will help him in the NFL.

Herts said this on Jones to Rick Carle of WVTM 13 Birmingham . Mac Jones, he had his chance. – I think the best way to learn is to observe.

Observe, watch the people around you, study the environment, and learn that way. Mack had a unique academic career that required him to be patient, and that served him well. And I’m glad it happened. He watched me, (and) Tua, go through it, get burned out here and there, and finally, when his time came, he moved forward. And now he has a great opportunity for his future.

The Return of Jalen Hart


When Tagovailoa was injured in the 2018 SEC Championship Game, Harts came to the rescue and led the Crimson Tide to a narrow victory.

Jones, then a third-string quarterback, watched and learned from Tagovailoa and Harts, which served him well as a key player in his final year at Alabama. He could learn and take notes from both. Although Jones was not officially named a starter until last season, he, like Harts, filled in for Tagoviloa when Tagoviloa was injured and ruled out for the season against Mississippi State.

That match ended Tua’s college career and launched Jones’ career. Although Jones and Alabama lost their last regular season game to Auburn, we can already get a glimpse of what’s in store for us next year.

Mac Jones online with Alabama

Former Alabama quarterback Mack Jones holds the national championship trophy after his team defeated Ohio State in the 2021 national championship game. Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Many football experts thought Alabama’s starting quarterback would not be Jones, but five-star quarterback Bryce Young of California. But Bama coach Nick Saban opted to use Jones as his starter.

Some fans questioned Saban’s choice, but once Jones started shaking up the SEC, fans understood why he was the designated starter.

Jones finished the season with 4,500 passing yards, 41 touchdowns, won an SEC championship and a national championship. He was also an All-American, finished third in the Heisman League and was a First-Team All-SEC quarterback.

Not bad for a guy many thought would never play on a Crimson Tide team, yet he became a first round pick for the New England Patriots.

If Jones has to wait behind Cam Newton, Patriots fans have to admit it will pay off in the long run.

COMPARED TO: Mac Jones is a class act, according to his teammate.In last week’s matchup between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles, the Eagles were one of the few teams to stop Tom Brady and the Patriots offense. Coming into the game, the Eagles had the worst run defense in the NFL, giving up an average of 126.5 yards per game. However, they held the Patriots to only 73 yards rushing. In an interview with Bleacher Report, Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts was asked for his thoughts on the performance of new Patriots rookie quarterback Mac Jones. He said he thinks Jones’ success will be based on how he performs with the football, and not how he performs on the field in general.. Read more about 2020 new england patriots and let us know what you think.

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