The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the few teams that have been able to weather a tumultuous season and survive with their Super Bowl aspirations intact. That is, until they decided to trade for an unproven but wildly talented offensive lineman.

The “eagles breaking news today” is a very bad sign for Jalen Hurts. Eagles GM Howie Roseman has been paying particular attention to Malik Willis and that’s not good news for Jalen Hurts.

Eagles GM Howie Roseman 'Paying Particular Attention' to Malik Willis Is Very Bad News for Jalen Hurts

It was a great triumph for the Philadelphia Eagles to sneak into the playoffs this past season. However, this does not negate the fact that the organization was left with unanswered questions.

All things considered, Jalen Hurts had a fantastic 2021 season. However, there are substantial questions regarding his ability to lead a modern-day attack. Throughout the season, he struggled to consistently move the ball through the air, a problem that was exacerbated by the Eagles’ humiliating Wild Card Round defeat.

Add in the fact that Hurts just had ankle surgery, and even more doubts are being raised about his ability to be a long-term solution in Philadelphia.

Howie Roseman, the Eagles’ general manager, was ‘paying special attention’ to prospect Malik Willis.

Eagles QB Jalen Hurts and Liberty QB Malik Willis

Eagles QB Jalen Hurts and Liberty QB Malik Willis Michael Reaves/Getty Images, Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images, Jalen Hurts and Malik Willis

This year’s Senior Bowl celebrations are taking place in Mobile, Alabama, and they’re attracting NFL hopefuls from all over the nation. The Senior Bowl is a great opportunity for prospects to boost their draft status before the draft.

While this week’s emphasis is mostly on prospects, it may also be a good opportunity to learn more about competing front offices and general managers. According to Mike Tanier of Football Outsiders, this is exactly what occurred with Eagles GM Howie Roseman.

Roseman was noticed “paying great attention” to Liberty quarterback and potential first-round selection Malik Willis, according to Tanier.

Malik Willis of Liberty has the finest arm in Mobile, and it’s not even close. With minimal effort, he slings medium-range passes out of the pocket and on the move. Willis, on the other hand, doesn’t have an off-speed pitch, and his accuracy was all over the place on Tuesday. Still, thoughts of Trey Lance-meets-Josh Allen are dancing in the brains of certain teams. Some keen watchers saw Howie Roseman focusing his attention on Willis.

Football Outsiders’ Mike Tanier

For Jalen Hurts, this is awful news.

Through two sessions, Malik Willis has been the most impressive quarterback.

— Daniel Jeremiah (@MoveTheSticks) February 2, 2022

There’s been a lot of talk this summer about the Eagles ditching Hurts in favor of a new quarterback. However, it’s more from the perspective of a high-profile veteran like Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson being pursued by Philadelphia.

For the 2022 NFL Draft, the Eagles have three first-round selections. It would be irresponsible not to test the waters with some of these selections on a real, franchise-altering quarterback.

However, considering Roseman’s alleged interest in Willis. It’s worth mentioning that the Eagles might be looking at all Hurts replacement options this summer. This is (obviously) awful news for Hurts and his prospects of keeping his position as the Eagles’ starting quarterback in the long run.

Is the Eagles’ Hurts experiment coming to an end?

.@McShay13 thinks Malik Willis out of Liberty > Jalen Hurts as QB1 for the Eagles 👀

“If they’re in position to get Malik Willis, who has emerged as the No. 1 clear-cut QB in this year’s class … I think they have to make that pick.”

— Get Up (@GetUpESPN) October 27, 2021

Take a look back a year, and the Eagles seemed to be all-in on Jalen Hurts. They forced Carson Wentz out of the building so Hurts could start, picked DeVonta Smith, Hurts’ old college teammate, and passed on Justin Fields and Mac Jones in the 2021 NFL Draft.

The Eagles’ offensive gameplan was entirely adjusted to fit Hurts and his run-first mentality. It seemed like the former Oklahoma and Alabama quarterback had received a full-fledged commitment.

At this point, it’s just conjecture, but it’s worth asking whether Joe Burrow, Patrick Mahomes, and Josh Allen’s godlike performance over the last two weeks has altered Roseman’s mind about quarterbacks. Maybe he came to the conclusion that having a quarterback who can move the ball via the air is critical.

If that’s the case, drafting Willis earlier in the draft to replace Hurts makes great sense.

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jalen hurts” is the name of a quarterback that has been in the news recently. The Philadelphia Eagles GM Howie Roseman is “paying particular attention” to Malik Willis and Jalen Hurts. This is bad news for Jalen Hurts because he was expected to start for the team this season.

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