The Dune Spice Wars is a new football game that uses blockchain to ensure transparency in the voting process. The system is open-source, and anyone can view the complete source code on Github at any time. With this level of transparency, there’s no question about who won or lost based on what happened “in real life.”

Dune Spice Wars’ Landsraad voting mechanism is one of the game’s more complicated features. You may vote on Resolutions that will effect the remainder of the game via the Landsraad. In this article, we’ll go over the voting mechanism and how you may utilize it to your advantage in Dune Spice Wars.

Dune Spice Wars: How the Landsraad Works


The Landsraad will open around five minutes into each match, and each round will offer three separate Resolutions on which you may vote.

When the council is ready, you’ll get an email with instructions on how to see the resolutions and a notice in the upper right telling you how long before voting begins. You’ll get another email after voting begins, and you’ll be able to allocate your votes anyway you like. 

Your votes will have varying effects depending on which Resolutions are present, since some just influence elected groups while others affect everyone.

For example, if “Scientific Congress” is approved, it increases military output by 50% for all players, but “Controlled Markets” gives a 30% benefit to Spice trade to whatever group is chosen. Of course, you may use all of your votes to support yourself or another side. 

A box with arrows will appear under each Resolution when voting is open. The drop-down menu may be used to choose a faction, and the left and right arrows can be used to add or deduct votes. Resolutions enacted by the Landsraad will be in force until the next vote.

You may now allocate all of your votes as well as any Influence you’ve earned while voting. We’ll discuss ways to increase both. 

How to Increase Your Voting and Influence

Your political influence and overall position in the Landsraad are represented by your votes. The more influence you have in the Landsraad, the more votes you will need.

You’ll need to pass Resolutions for your house and take over villages controlled by lesser houses or other factions to get additional votes. Minor houses will get 400 votes at the start of the game, while factions will have 80-100. This implies that the easiest way to get more voting power is to acquire villages as rapidly as possible.

Influence, a resource that may be obtained in a variety of ways, is another important aspect in voting. You may increase your voting Influence by employing research, Agents, and Listening Posts. 

The simplest to build are Listening Posts, which may be built in any town and yield +2 Influence every day. You can only have one per town, but there is no limit to how many you may have overall. 

Certain blue tree research, such as “Political Stance,” which grants you +1 Influence for each active treaty you have with another faction, will aid your Influence output.

Every agent you designate to the Landsraad category in the Espionage menu will yield +1 Influence every day, which may be used to supplement your revenue. Finally, influence can be transferred with other factions, so if you’re trying to double down on political power, that’s another method to accomplish it. 

That is how the voting mechanism in the Landsraad works. Check out our Dune Spice Wars guidelines site for much additional advice and suggestions, such as how to develop the refinery and create more Spice. 

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