Everyone’s favorite pastime is finding a new game to play. The Dune Spice Wars’ multifaceted gameplay and unique approach to team-based PvP has quickly become one of the most popular games on the internet. This article will teach you how to get more water in this already limited resource-packed environment, as well as give tips for farmers who want their crops watered without having it drain them dry!

“Dune Spice Wars: How to Get & Farm Water” is a strategy game that takes place on the planet Dune. The player must gather water while fighting off enemies. Read more in detail here: spice wars dune.

In Dune Spice Wars, you’ll have to find out how to acquire water rather quickly. If you want to grow and conquer all of Arrakis, you’ll need to be resourceful with water and other resources in order to remain afloat.

We’ll go through how to collect water and grow it in this article so you don’t die of thirst in the desert.

Dune Spice Wars: How to Harvest Water


Each battle will begin with only enough water to construct a few military units and take over one hamlet. After that, you’ll need to figure out how to collect a lot of water, since it’s essential for taking over towns, training and maintaining military troops, and trading with Sietches. Water may be obtained in three methods, the first of which is via Windtraps. 

Water may be collected using windtraps.

Windtraps are Economy structures that may be built in every community and are unlocked from the beginning. Simply click on a hamlet and go to the Economy page of the menu after you’ve conquered it. 

However, there is a catch: the volume of water created by Windtraps is determined by the wind speed in the area. When you click on an area, the name of the location appears in the bottom left-hand corner, along with a Wind Strength number.

A Windtrap will create +3 water for each degree of Wind Strength, therefore it’s best to put it where there’s the most wind. Windtraps may be placed anywhere, however putting one on an area with a Wind Strength of 5 or 6 will reduce the need for additional.

To get water, use a water extractor.

The Water Extractor is the second structure to acquire water, and it can’t be constructed until you’ve studied it from the green research tree on the second layer. However, there is a major drawback to this structure: it can only be constructed in a polar zone.

There is currently just one polar zone in the center of the globe, where constructing a Water Extractor can offer you a massive +50 water. The Fremen, however, are unable to construct the Water Extractor. 

Water is obtained via trade.

The last option is to simply trade for water with other factions. There are three photos of the other faction leaders on the upper right of the screen, and clicking on one of them brings up a trade option.

You may choose which resources to provide and what you want in return here. The likelihood of the deal succeeding is indicated by an arrow in the center. Trading isn’t a particularly dependable method to obtain water, but it’s a fast way to get some if you’re in a hurry. 

Check out our Dune Spice Wars guides page if you need any further assistance. 

The “dune: spice wars multiplayer” is a game where players can battle it out in the dessert. Players must use water to grow their crops and fight over valuable resources.

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