Dark Alliance is a fun, fast-paced game of D&D. This month, the group tried playing a new game, D&D: Dark Alliance. While typically a three-hour adventure, DDA’s adventures are only about an hour long. The reason for this is simple: DDA allows players to create their own characters and villains. It is, in fact, a great game of GM-less D&D.

I’ve been playing video games since the 1980’s when my brother gave me a copy of D&D: Dark Alliance. I’m a big fan of the franchise and have played the games to completion. So when I saw the recent trailer for the next instalment, I was excited to see how the developers would follow up on the plot.

The upcoming action RPG D&D: Dark Alliance will be a full co-op game and will feature split screen for local multiplayer. The game is being developed for the Nintendo GameCube and Sony PlayStation 2, with a release date sometime in late 2004.

D&D: Dark Alliance can be played alone, but is designed to be played with others. Instead of fighting goblins and orcs alone in Icewind Dale, you can (and should) team up with two or three other companions. This makes combat easier and exploration more fun. But is not D&D: Dark Alliance is there a local split screen collaboration?

Sorry, D&D: Dark Alliance does not support local split-screen collaboration on any platformat launch. You can’t just hand the controller to your boyfriend, sit on the couch and passionately play Icewind Dale while you ignorantly kill vermin.

Not yet, anyway.

Developer Tuque games said in May that local split-screen collaboration will appear in D&D: . Dark Alliance after launch. There is no release date yet for the addition of the split screen, but Tuque said he hopes to roll out the feature this summer. So the estimated release date of the game will be somewhere between the launch on June 22. and the end of summer on 22. September.


This has just been announced in the dev stream: We heard you loud and clear.

Once Dark Alliance comes out, our top priority is to support two-player split-screen co-op on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC.

We’re working on getting it ready for our first free DLC release this summer. pic.twitter.com/WkoFimeBHi

– Dark Alliance (@DarkAlliance) 28 May 2021


Until then, D&D: Dark Alliancesupports cooperative multiplayer. Of course, you and your friends will each need a copy of Dark Alliance to play together, but it’s possible. You can create your own game, and your friends can join you in an insane collaboration.

The game also has a player-match feature, which allows you to search for players who are currently online and enter the lobby with your current character. You will be paired with random players in a random session. It’s not the same as playing together locally or playing with friends, but it is an alternative.

It is unfortunate that D&D: Dark Alliance does not support local split-screen co-op, but it is good to know that this will appear in a future patch. Hopefully they will also allow more than one group session at a time. Keep your fingers crossed.The sport of D&D is here to stay. Some day you’re going to mention D&D to a friend or relative and they’ll say “Huh? What’s D&D?” After you explain the basics, you might also be asked, “Isn’t that a Dungeons & Dragons game?” The answer is that it is and it is.. Read more about vitamin d3 benefits and let us know what you think.

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