The Void is the area of space that surrounds a planet and its moon. Its function varies, but it is usually where ships dock before entering or leaving hyperspace – as well as where most travel in general takes place. Destiny 2’s version of the void acts like an obstacle course designed specifically to test players’ skill with combat mechanics at every level

The “Destiny 2: Void Suppression Guide” is a guide that provides information on how to use the glaive weapon in Destiny 2. The glaive is a melee weapon that can be used to suppress enemies.

Although every character in Destiny 2 now has access to Void Suppression, this wasn’t always the case. Suppression grenades were only available to Titans for virtually the entire lifespan of Destiny 2.

These potent Void Suppression bombs would instantly neutralize an enemy’s ability and put them in a ten-second stagger. Guardians who are affected by Suppression (including yourself) lose access to their class skills, including any boosted leaping.

Void Suppression is now available to all classes in PvE and PvP, thanks to Void 3.0. When you combine the grenade with the class’s Aspects and Fragments, as well as the almost-gone Seasonal Artifact class modifications, you can make a basic bouncing explosive into a terrifying horror, whether you’re a Fallen or another Guardian attempting Crucible Bounties.

In Destiny 2, How to Use Void Suppression


First and foremost, if you haven’t already, go to Ikora Rey in the Tower and buy the Suppressor Grenade for 3,000 Glimmer. Because the whole of Void 3.0 opens after completing the World First Raid, there are likely a few more Fragments and skills you may purchase from her. The cost of Locked Fragments is 25,000 Glimmer.

Then, walk into the Void subclass, equip the grenades, and set up your Aspects and Fragments to best fit the build you’re looking for by meditating at the altar near Ikora to completely unlock everything you purchased.

If Void Suppression is your game, the following Aspects per class are recommended:

  • Warlock: Feed the Void, Child of the Old Gods. Devour from Feed the Void is a fantastic skill that is virtually required in endgame material, particularly if you plan on doing portions of it alone. The enhanced Rift uptime you gain from Child of the Old Gods, as well as the weakening and slow effect on foes the orb captures, will come in handy from time to time.
  • Titan: Bastion, Controlled Demolition. Volatile is one of the most potent tools in the Void’s arsenal. When you strike an adversary with a Void ability, such as Suppression, the effect triggers, and your adversaries will not only be unable to use their abilities, but they will also receive extra damage. Although Basion has no direct interaction with Void Suppression, equipping the Heart of Inmost Light Exotic chest piece and utilizing your Overshield Barricade and/or powered Melee speeds up the recovery of your Grenade, and vice versa, speeds up the recovery of your Grenade.
  • Hunter: Stylish Executioner, Vanishing Step There’s never a negative reason to be able to become invisible nearly at whim, because Vanishing Step connects invisibility with dodging once again. There’s practically no reason you should ever be visible unless it’s completely safe if you have high Mobility and other means of swiftly recharging your doge. When you beat an afflicted adversary, Stylish Executioner acts in tandem with Void Suppression, making you invisible once again.

Fragments for Void Suppression at Their Finest


The Fragments you use for Void Suppression may vary depending on the construct you select, but the following are always solid alternatives.

  • When you use Suppression, Echo of Domineering enhances your Discipline by ten, greatly improves Mobility, and reloads your weapon. For a fun time, combine it with other Discipline boosting effects.
  • Echo of Resistance: While the bonus this ability provides does not directly enhance Void Suppression, the extended Void effect duration is desirable given all the various ways Suppression may benefit your character.
  • This Fragment is only useful in PvE, although it’s a staple of high-difficulty content, since finishing Champion and Lucent Hive Lightbearing foes for ammunition is a typical approach. When you finish an opponent, you may activate Invisibility on any class, which works well with Echo of Resistance and other Invisibility bonuses.

Once your class is built up, all that’s left to do is go out into the world and Suppress some opponents. Remember that a Void Suppression Grenade bounces once before detonating, or after around six or seven seconds if thrown high into the air.

The explosion radius for Void Suppression is misleading, as it is both bigger and less than you may assume. If you’re in Crucible, throw it towards a bunch of opponents or bounce it around corners or against walls for a great surprise for your fellow Guardians.

Once suppressed, standard foes will be blinded and unable to move for around 10 seconds. Lightbearers from the Hive will lose all of their Light talents, as well as being forced out of their Super. Save your Void Suppression Grenade for when the Hive pop Super in content where Hive Lightbearers attack like trucks. You can get some much-needed breathing space for yourself and your Fireteam.

We won’t go into detail on Seasonal mods since they’ll be removed on May 24, but following the tips above will make your Void Suppression experiences more pleasurable. You should also read our guide to The Title SMG god roll, since that weapon will be retired on May 24. While you’re here, check out our Destiny 2 guides portal for much more information.

The “Destiny 2 Suppression Weapons” is a guide that helps players with the weapons used in the game. The weapon types are listed and have detailed descriptions of their uses. Reference: destiny 2 suppression weapons.

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