Welcome to our Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted: Duality Dungeon Walkthrough Guide. Here we will be exploring The Tomb of Sargeras, a tricky and difficult mission that you can complete after completing any other expedition in this latest expansion for Bungie’s sci-fi shooter.

One of the finest endgame activities in the game is the Duality Dungeon from Season of the Haunted in Destiny 2. Duality is about delving into a character’s history, in this instance the past of exiled Cabal Emperor Calus, much like the Season it is a part of. Duality explores the hurt buried in his heart, revealing what he believes to be his biggest mistakes and regrets.

This tutorial explains how to finish the Duality Dungeon, including all of its platforming and puzzle-solving elements as well as its three boss battles.

How to Finish Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted’s Duality Dungeon

Moving between Calus’ primary awareness and the realm of dreams is the basic mechanism of duality. The Earth seems to be burning or bleeding in the Deep Crimson of the Dark realm. We’ll refer to them as the Light and Dark worlds. Red nightmare bells must be rung in order to pass between these two areas.

You and any team members outside the circle who are in the Dark world and outside the circle encircling the bell will perish right away. When you are in the Dark world during a boss battle, you are subject to a timer known as Nightmare Collapsing. When the timer expires, you and your whole fireteam will perish if you don’t ring the bell while still standing in its circle.

Additionally, you’ll be setting Standards connected to icons that gamers who recall previous Leviathan events would recognize:

Every interaction makes use of and expands upon the identification and collection of these symbol Standards, and doing so becomes increasingly challenging.

Section 1 of Duality Platforming: Learning the Ropes

Stand in the circle around the effigy of Calus when you first spawn in the Duality Dungeon. Once Eris has finished speaking, you will enter the actual dungeon.

You’ll begin in a chamber with no obvious way out. View the red bell across the room through the barred window.


On Legend difficulty, it requires roughly 4,000 damage to activate it.

You’ll be sent into a basic Dark realm place after the bell rings. The only thing you have to do is sprint across the lengthy hallway and ring the bell on the other side.


You may return to this room’s Light realm version by ringing the bell.


At the other end of the chamber, on a platform close to the ceiling, you must now climb the scaffolding. Run to the other end of the space, then leap onto one of the platforms next to the main stairway.


Then, leap between the two large pillars by using the little, thin connecting strut.


In order to reach the side platform where the Psions have been firing, leap from there onto the upper strut. Reverse direction and leap onto the struts between the columns at the other end of the chamber.

Jump onto the platform protruding from the other wall that faces the bell at the other end of the room from the topmost strut.


When you reach the last station, ring the bell that is across the path. A few orange-bar Legionnaires will accompany you as you spawn into the Dark world on lengthy struts, but you may easily ignore them. Go to the other side of the room and ring the bell.


You’ll find two Centurions and a pack of Psions back in the world of Light. A second bell may be found below the leftmost grate on the left platform, so jump onto it. Fire it.


Once you’re back in the Dark Realm, turn around. Look down after jumping over to the platform. To go through the hole in the wall at the far right of the chamber, you must first leap down to the platform far below you.


From there, skirt the pipes to go to the next bell.

Ring it, then saunter back to where you are, and go. Go to the chamber at the bottom of the drop, leap into the neighboring aperture, and then pass through the door with the tongue outstretched that looks like Calus.


Beyond is a vast bed room filled with Colossus, Legionary, and Psion opponents. Open the bay entrance at the floor’s middle by clearing them all out.


Below is the first boss battle.

Boss Fight: Duality Sorrow Bearer: Setting the Bar


The mechanics of subsequent encounters are taught in this battle against the Nightmare of Gahlran, the Sorrow Bearer. Ringing bells at each end of the chamber initiates the combat.

  • Cup at top left
  • Sun, top right
  • Axes at bottom left
  • Dog, bottom right

The doors on each side of the bell will be open and the bell will bring you into the Dark world. The number of enemy rooms and vacant rooms will change each time you begin this round of the battle.

War Beasts will make up the majority of the adversaries in the chamber, but there will also be one “Standard Bearer” Psion with an orange bar.


When this Psion is defeated, one of the four previously described symbols is coupled with a Standard Essence.


Collect two Standard Essences to add 20 seconds to the duration of your Nightmare Collapsing effect.

Ring the bell once more to enter the domain of Light. After that, the bell will be protected and filled with crimson energy. Two “Honored Bellkeepers” adversaries with orange bars will spawn shortly after you arrive.


To make the bell they are close to ring, you must kill both at each end of the arena. The door will open when both Standard Essences are applied to the appropriate symbols, exposing a horde of War Beasts and a lone Colossus with an orange bar. You may either enter the room yourself to ring the bell or ask your third teammate to do it outside the Standard rooms.

The Dark world will enclose you, and there will be six Visions of Gahlran standing between you and freedom.


Defeat the Visions as you go to the opposite side of the chamber. The person on your team will be doing the same in the next room.

After the six Visions in each area have been eliminated, Gahlran will be susceptible to attack. To do harm, use whatever you are most comfortable with.

Gahlran can be defeated in one damage phase, but if you don’t, repeat the previous steps to start another damage phase. Repeat as many as required to end Gahlran’s life permanently.

Section 2 of the Duality Platforming: Across the Chasms

The entrance in the center of the arena floor will open once Gahlran is dead. Grab your stuff, then descend. You’ll enter a big space with purple lighting. As you exit the room, make your way through the machines by following the corridor. There will be a clear pathway at the other end of the space.

ascend it and then turn right. Jump onto the platform above you when you get to the exit, then take the route that goes up after that. Turning left will need you to leap over a gap to a narrow platform, then turning right will require you to descend a well-lit tunnel.


You’ll find a deep hole, coffins placed into the wall, and multiple sets of scaffolding with opponents as you make your way across the vast space. As soon as you enter this chamber, look to your left and below. Legionaries and Phalanx will be perched atop a scaffold.


Jump down, then jump over a short gap to a jutting piece of metal. There will be a lever that will cause a number of coffins to spread out and serve as platforms.


You should climb the coffins. When you can no longer walk any farther, turn to the right and leap over the two little metal struts to the platform on the opposite side of the chamber. Another lever is located at the far end of the platform. On the opposite end of the room, flip it over to extend more coffins. Open the door to the left of the last extended coffin by climbing these.

Continue on until you come to a sizable room with statues of the Cabal and a bell on a raised platform in the center.

Section of the Duality Puzzle that Unlocks the Vault


Head down into the chamber and observe the placement of the statues before ringing the bell. Always, one of them will be looking toward the bell. You’ll utilize this statue, which represents the hour of twelve, as a guide to complete the problem.


There will be some kind of rotation of the surviving statues. How many times you need to flip a switch beneath the statue in the Dark Realm will depend on which way it rotates.


Should the statue be facing:

  • Three twists to the right
  • Backwards: Twice
  • Left: Make a turn.
  • Zero turns up front

Ring the bell after you’ve determined which statue is facing which direction. You will need to keep in mind the direction each statue was facing since they will all be facing the bell in the Dark world. Look behind each statue to find a knob that resembles Calus’s face.


Turn each knob as indicated by the direction of the Light realm statue, using the 12 o’clock statue as a reference.

You’ll hear a deep tone if you follow the instructions exactly. When you return to the realm of Light, the door beside the bell will unlock, enabling you to enter the vault. Timer or other wiping mechanisms are not included. Nothing prevents you from returning to the Dark Realm and trying again if you make a mistake after returning to the Light Realm and the entrance is closed.

Boss Fight in the Duality Vault: Unlocking the Truth

A boss that has gained immunity will appear when the confrontation begins. On the middle platform, two symbols will emerge, indicating which standard you must get from the Dark Realm.


The bells at each end of the room—Top for the one at the top of the stairs, and Bottom for the one without steps—will be impervious when the encounter begins. The Bellkeepers at the other end of the chamber from the bell you wish to ring must be eliminated.

Kill both groups of Bellkeepers, notice the symbols that are there, and take a position close to one of the four obstacles that are located in each of the four corners of the area.


There will be a symbol on each barrier:

  • Sun, bottom left
  • Cup, bottom right
  • Upper right: Axes
  • Dog at top left

The arena will change as soon as you ring the bell and go into the Dark world. The walls around the smaller symbol walls will disappear, creating space above them. To make the Standard Bearer, an orange-bar Centurion, spawn, you must eliminate everything in the upper region, including an orange-bar Colossus at the top of the area. Kill it, take the Standard Essence, then take it back to the bells by booking it.

Another group of bellkeepers has to be eliminated, this time on the other side of the bell. Leave someone in the center if you’re moving as a fireteam to clear the bell and regulate the crowds.

If you’re playing Duality alone, you only have a single Standard to gather, and you have a very limited amount of time to do it before you have to kill the Bellkeepers and ring the bell. I barely had approximately 10 seconds left on the Nightmare Collapsing timer even with my quick clears.

The boss will be exposed if the two Standards are planted in the Light realm. It may be eliminated whichever you choose, and another one will emerge. The floor-mounted vault door will unlock after two more repetitions of the encounter. Grab some goodies by descending.

Section 3 of Duality Platforming: The Road to Regret

A golden treasure chamber and another treasure room with a huge white fabric-covered chest in the center are located beyond the loot room.


Turn around and stand on the platform heading away from the box on the other side of the room. There is another bell if you look to the left. Ring it to enter the world of the Dark.


You’ll spawn next to a Centurion and a couple War Beasts, but you may leap over to some struts to your right and avoid them.


The following bell is accessible by a different door on the right. After ringing it, leave the room through the little hallway. When you reach a bell, continue walking until it is rung, at which point you must leap over several struts to another bell.

Once you’re back in the world of Light, go up the platforms until you come to a door that leads back into the space where the box is covered in white fabric. This time, you’re close to the ceiling, and turning right reveals additional struts filled with roving foes.


At the other end of the room, there is an open door. Leap through it.

As you go farther, you will eventually have to descend a purple tunnel. A large chamber with support struts and a red-lit aperture in the distance will be directly beyond it.


Turn to the right and leap over the platforms, trying to stay as close to the wall as you can. Go to the red entrance, then descend into the space there.

Princess-Imperial Boss Fight in Nightmare of Caiatl: The Culmination of Knowledge


The Nightmare of Caiatl is your ultimate test, and you’ll need to use every ability you’ve acquired from previous battles to win.

When you begin the battle, two symbols will be close to two of the four enormous chains.


At the four corners of the space, the symbols are likewise located over four platforms.


  • Dog, bottom left
  • Cup, bottom right
  • Upper right: Axes
  • Sun, top left

During this battle, there are many swarms of monsters that swarm, so clear what you can and kill every Bellkeeper that appears before entering the Dark region.


A Standard Bearer Psion will now emerge at each of the symbol platforms, which are situated above a bottomless pit. You’ll get extra time and access to the Standard Essence if you murder the right Standard Bearer. You will only have roughly 10 seconds left if you murder the incorrect Standard Bearer.

Kill the two sets of Bellkeepers with both Standard Essences in your possession, then ring the bell to return to the realm of Light. More hordes will show up; choose how to deal with them and then set the two Standards. Look at the chains close to the Standards and repeat the procedure with the two new symbols that arise.

The diamond in the chains will light red after all four Standards have been put.


When the Nightmare of Caiatl enters the Dark world and the big bell at the ceiling of the chamber chimes loudly, the damage phase is initiated. To enter the Dark world before she does, shoot the last little bell.

Once you enter the Dark world, there will be three groups of bellkeepers, and when Caiatl shows up, she’ll start walking toward one of the bells. She will depart the Dark realm, halt the damage phase, and make you repeat the symbol gathering phase if you haven’t defeated the Bellkeepers by the time she gets to the bell.

If the bell is clear, wait until Caiatl is near it and then step within the bell’s perimeter right away. She will be shocked if you ring it, and you will also get the Waking Resonance bonus, which lasts for eleven seconds. You will be able to harm her thanks to the boost. Without it, you’ll only deal dozens rather than thousands of damage points.

Caiatl will transfer to one of the remaining bells when you finish the first damage phase. By luring her to smash the ground with her foot, you may temporarily halt her progress and gain a few more seconds to reach the bell.

If you don’t finish the encounter in one set of bells, the whole procedure restarts. Continue applying the damage stages described here until you’ve used up all three bells. As many times as necessary, finish the damage and symbol gathering stages to defeat Caiatl. You’ll immediately teleport back to the beginning of the dungeon for your last round of looting when you beat the Nightmare of Caiatl.


Congratulations, you’ve successfully finished Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted’s Duality Dungeon. It’s a fun trip, and the Stormchaser Linear Fusion Rifle and other great gear are among the finest in the game.

In the past, we have discussed dungeons, most notably the Grasp of Avarice during the 30th Anniversary Celebration, where the Gjallarhorn may be obtained. Visit our Destiny 2 guides site next since it covers a ton of different subjects.

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