In Season of the Haunted, players can participate in a new game mode called “Cryptarch” where they have to collect special engrams that are scattered across the map. These Cryptarchs hold powerful items which will help you become victorious in battle and increase your chances of obtaining loot from chests or bosses.

The “destiny 2 austringer god roll pvp” is a guide for the new season of the game. It includes everything you need to know about how to get started, what weapons and armor are best suited for your class, and more.



The Austringer was originally Destiny 2’s take on the Eyasluna when it was first introduced in the Season of Opulence. The Eyasluna then reappeared in the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon and the 30th Anniversary Celebration DLC. The Austringer had already set at that moment. However, the Season of the Haunted has brought it back. You’ll want its god roll, of course.

The fact that Austringer is craftable makes the new Austringer one of the greatest Hand Cannons in the game for whatever task you give it. Here’s how to make the most of this legendary weapon, which has returned to recover its glory.

The Austringer’s rolls will differ somewhat depending on whether it is used in PvE or PvP, and its perk pool makes it useful in both situations. Hand cannons have always been a bit of a catch-all weapon type; they excel at a few things while being decent at many others. In that aspect, Austringer is at the top of its class, but with the appropriate benefits, it can even compete with kings.

PvE God Roll Austringer Hand Cannon


  • Corkscrew and hammer-forged rifling.

The most important metric for a Hand Cannon is still range, if not the most important. It extends the range at which damage falls off and adds bullet magnetism, facilitating headshots. If you want a more versatile rifle, the corkscrew is a nice compromise. Instead of concentrating on one attribute at a time, Corkscrew slightly improves Range, Stability, and Handling, making the Austringer an all-around superior rifle.


  • High-caliber rounds, ricochet rounds.

For a hand cannon, stability and range are essential. Flinch resistance is increased by stability, which also stacks with resilience. If you have enough of it, flinch won’t be as as terrifying as it once was.

Few other bonuses give as much as Ricochet Rounds, which boosts both Range and Stability. If your opponents haven’t made as much of an effort to mitigate High-Caliber Rounds’ addition of flinch to the Austringer’s shots, you’ll be at a considerable advantage.

PvE trait 1 for austringers

  • Eye of the Storm, outlaw.

In PvE content, maintaining a weapon’s uptime is crucial, and Outlaw’s huge flat increase to Reload Speed on a critical hit kill is one of the few Traits that may help you do that. Eye of the Storm makes the Austringer easier to handle as your health decreases, increasing the likelihood that you can escape a dangerous scenario.

PvE Austringer Trait 2:

  • Demolitionist, rampage, and frenzy.

Rampage’s flat damage bonus had a little nerf a few expansions ago, but it still ranks among the greatest PvE traits today. The Austringer will strike like a truck if you stack it three times.

When not as simple to trigger as Rampage or Demolitionist, Frenzy provides a large boost to both handling and reload speed while engaged as well as a flat damage enhancement of 20%. Some Warlock and Hunter builds are specifically designed to increase Austringer’s effectiveness while deploying grenades, which is the only focus of the Demolitionist class.

PvP God Roll Austringer Hand Cannon

In PvP, controlling the weapon and maximizing either damage or range, ideally both, are paramount. Rampage is available if you can keep it active, but Austringer lacks access to Kill Clip and other on-command damage bonuses. Our suggestions center on extending the range of the gun’s tap heads.


  • Corkscrew and hammer-forged rifling.

The same benefits that the PvE roll seeks apply to you.


  • High-caliber rounds, ricochet rounds.

Once again, they are the same as your PvE roll.

PvP trait 1 for austringers

  • Snapshot Sights: Eye of the Storm.

Eye of the Storm may help you win PvP battles that you have no right to win, but it can also leave you exposed if you don’t immediately replenish your health. Snapshot Sights is a great backup choice since you could get on target that additional half-second sooner than your opponent, giving you the upper hand right away.

PvP trait 2 for austringers

  • Opening Shot, Rangefinder.

As long as you aim down the sights, Rangefinder gives you a significant boost to Range and a moderate one to Zoom and Projectile Speed. First Shot is no longer the monster it once was, but if you are unable to locate an Austringer with Rangefinder or make one yourself, the benefit you earn during the opening shot of an encounter may still give you the upper hand.

Even amid a sea of them, the Austringer’s reappearance is appreciated as one of the greatest Legendary Hand Cannons to grace Destiny 2. You’ll be in an excellent position thanks to these rolls throughout the remainder of Season of the Haunted and beyond. Throughout the Witch Queen expansion year, we covered a lot of Destiny 2 material, such as how to activate Void Suppression and finish the Vow of the Disciple Raid. For all of it, see our guides center.

The “austringer god roll reddit” is a guide for the Season of the Haunted in Destiny 2. It includes information on how to beat each boss and what weapons are recommended to use.

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