As a long time sports fan, I’ve always been fascinated by the physical aspect of a game. How did a striker propel his body through the air, or a linebacker hold onto a ball with four other men chasing him? When you’re watching a game, there’s so much going on in a game that it’s easy to miss the details, but death has been a constant in the sporting world for centuries.

There are many “Death’s Door” posts out there, but in addition to posting links to video game “Deaths Door” levels, I’m going to be looking at the weapon spawn points in them.

The sky is the limit for the NFL of the future. With the AFL split and the NFL in full control of the players, what kind of weapons will be available to the NFL players of 2050? I’ve put together a list of weapons that I believe will be available to the NFL of the future.

Death’s Door is basic in that its principles are easy to pick up, but it’s not a simple game to play if you don’t have the right equipment. You’ll start with a sword, but towards the end of the game, you’ll probably want to improve it, and you’ll have a few choices to choose from.

There are four weapons strewn throughout the game, each with a different level of difficulty to get. This article will go through the locations of all four in great detail, allowing you to trade in your old blade for something more useful (or something worse if you opt for the umbrella playthrough).

All Weapon Locations in Death’s Door

Where Can You Look for a Discarded Umbrella?

Where to get the umbrella in Death's Door

The abandoned Umbrella is the game’s initial weapon, but it’s also the worst. It is, however, necessary if you want to get the “Academy of Umbrellas” award for winning the game with just the Umbrella.

Head right and up the curving staircase after speaking with Chandler the Handler at the start of the game. At the top, take the left-hand stairwell, then the next stairwell. The abandoned Umbrella will be leaning against the lamppost.

Where Can You Find Rogue Daggers?

Where to get the Rogue Daggers in Death's Door

The Rogue Daggers may be found at the Urn Witch’s Estate, which can be found by walking outdoors from the Ceramic Manor.

Continue along the road until you reach the round stone area, then turn around and pass through the two metal arches closest to the screen. Cross the bridge, ascend the stairwell, then descend through the fence breach.

Continue straight until you reach a purple bomb after crossing the next bridge. A tiny stone statue with a lever stands to the right of it. After pulling it, go through the gate that opens.

Follow the route, slaying opponents along the way, until you come across the daggers on the ground.

Where Can I Get a Thunder Hammer?

Where to Find the Thunder Hammer in Death's Door

Head right through the big door at the rear of the entry chamber to the next room in the Mushroom Dungeon.

Drop from the right-hand ledge and enter the nearest door. Go through this room’s bottom left exit, then the following room’s bottom left exit.

Run down the left stairwell after hopping down the ladder. Cross the bridge, down the steps, and then counterclockwise around the route to the ladder.

Go up the tall ladder after passing through the closest door to the camera. Head up the ladder, right, down the ladder, and through the door. Break several boxes to reveal a pit, then drop down to discover the Thunder Hammer via the second door.

The Greatsword of the Reaper’s Reaper’s Reaper’s Reaper’s Reaper’s

Where to find the Reaper's Greatsword in Death's Door

This one is a little more complicated and may be found in The Stranded Sailor.

After crossing the first bridge, go under the wooden stairwell. Destroy the wall here with a bomb and go through. Slash the right-hand red button, then read the left-hand tablet. You’ll need to press three additional red buttons, similar to the one you just pressed.

Exit this chamber and take the stairwell up. Continue to the left, following the stairwells until you reach a tiny wooden bridge. Cross it and detonate your bomb between the two tiny columns on the other wall.

To locate the second red button, enter the chamber. Exit and cross the bridge again, then go up the wooden stairwell on the left. To locate another chamber containing the third button, use another bomb on the wall at the top of the stairwell.

Retrace your steps down the wooden stairwell, then ascend the stone stairwell to the right. Smash the crystals, then blast the wall directly in front of you to reveal the last button.

Retrace your steps down all of the stairs, then turn left to cross the wooden bridge. Hookshot to the stone platform with the gate after following this wooden bridge all the way around. To open it, pull the switch and look for the sword at the top of a tiny staircase.

You’ll gain the “Weapon Master” award and become even more of a force to be reckoned with at Death’s Door after you’ve completed your arsenal. To become really unstoppable on your quest, focus on improving those talents as well as maxing out your health and magic.

This idea was sparked by the recent video that posted on Reddit and YouTube, showing all the weapon locations you can get in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. So, I decided to make a list of all the weapons and where you can find them in the game.. Read more about death’s door hookshot location and let us know what you think.

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