Darius Garland, the projected top pick in this year’s NBA Draft, joined his high school’s football team last fall as a wide receiver. However, he only got on the field for one play before suffering an injury that ruined what would have been a dream come true moment (in addition to adding another layer of drama to his draft stock). Now it seems unlikely that he’ll be able to compete with LeBron James and company come training camp next season.

Darius Garland, who is the projected number one pick in this year’s NBA Draft, inadvertently added to LeBron James’ Cavs rumors. The Cavaliers are expected to be a title contender, and if they do not win it all next season, then there will be questions about whether or not James should stay. Read more in detail here: cavs championship.

Darius Garland Unintentionally Adds to LeBron James' Cavs Speculation

With his latest statement about keeping the door open for a possible Cleveland Cavaliers comeback, LeBron James virtually shattered the internet. Given the fact that the Cleveland Cavaliers are having a great season and the Los Angeles Lakers are having a bad one, his comments set the stage for an exciting 12-plus months leading up to his free agency in 2023.

However, James isn’t the only one fueling the rumor mill; Cavs point guard Darius Garland recently did as well, albeit his remarks were a little more beneath the surface.

Garland recently highlighted his friendship with James, the best player in Cavaliers history, and his statements should not be taken lightly. In fact, they might be a component of the equation in determining what LeBron will do next.

LeBron James isn’t ruling out a comeback to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

With LeBron James returning in Cleveland for NBA All-Star Weekend – with the Cavaliers enjoying a fantastic season – the King recently addressed if he may return to the Cavaliers for a third time.

In 2003, the Cavs picked him out of high school in Akron, Ohio. James stayed with the team for seven years until joining the Miami Heat in 2010. In 2014, LeBron returned to Cleveland and won a championship in 2016, but he departed again in 2018, signing with the Lakers.

According to Jason Lloyd of The Athletic, James remarked of a possible return to the Cavaliers, “The door isn’t closed on that.” “I’m not saying I’m going to come back and play; I’m not sure.” I’m not sure what the future holds for me. I have no idea when I’ll be free.”

Let’s be honest: James has no way of knowing when he’ll be free. His free agency in 2023 is coming quicker than he can break a fast break.

Darius Garland, a current Cavs player, has just added gasoline to the flames.

LeBron James has been dubbed a “big brother” by Darius Garland.

Cleveland Cavaliers star Darius Garland and Cavs legend LeBron James.

Cleveland Cavaliers star Darius Garland and Cavs legend LeBron James. | Ron Schwane/Getty Images; Arturo Holmes/2022 (L-R) Darius Garland and LeBron James courtesy of Getty Images

Because of the performance of youthful studs Darius Garland, Jarrett Allen, and Evan Mobley, the Cleveland Cavaliers have become the NBA’s surprise team this season.

Garland and Allen have had outstanding seasons, receiving All-Star honors, while Mobley is now leading the race for Rookie of the Year.

Garland, who is represented by the same agency as LeBron James, detailed his friendship with The King in a recent interview with Bleacher Report. He also made some fascinating remarks regarding how close they are.

He told Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer, “Yeah, Bron’s been a big brother to me since before I was even picked, honestly.” “Klutch is a large family.” They aren’t actually an agency in my opinion. Everyone is quite close. Everyone is in agreement. They, in my view, make life a lot simpler.”

“Bron’s always been in my ear, urging me to be great, just be myself, play my game,” he said. Because he’s done it a lot, he’s told me a lot about All-Star. He’s offered me some advice.”

Garland, on the other hand, wants the Cavs to have a LeBron-free identity this season, and he claims he hasn’t explored the prospect of the four-time NBA champion returning.

“Our men want to leave their mark,” he added, according to Jason Loyd of The Athletic. “It has a fresh appearance and feel to it.” Cleveland is experiencing a renaissance. It would be really beneficial to all of us.”

But just because he hasn’t spoken about it doesn’t mean he hasn’t considered it. When it comes to where the four-time NBA MVP will play next, everyone should think about Garland’s connection with James.

The King’s possible comeback to the Cavs might be influenced by Darius Garland’s friendship with LeBron James.

LeBron James’ free agency is still over a year away, and there’s a big possibility he won’t return to the Cavs. While they may have enough money to pay for him, they also have a nice thing going and don’t want to ruin it.

However, if he decides to return to Cleveland, having strong ties will be advantageous.

From his previous tenure with the club, James is familiar with Cedi Osman and Kevin Love, so he is already acquainted with some of the guys on the roster. But getting to know the team’s best player, Garland, might be vital for his free-agent negotiations next year.

Going to a team where you know their top player is much simpler than going to one where you don’t. What do you believe happened when James joined the Heat in 2010? Dwyane Wade was his best buddy.

Overall, a number of variables will influence which club LeBron James joins in 2023. However, having a friendship with Darius Garland won’t damage The King, and the point guard’s words just added gasoline to the fire.

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