New York Jets quarterback, Darnold has had a tumultuous start to his career. He hasn’t been able to make the splash that Josh Allen did in Buffalo and is struggling with consistency. Orlovsky had nothing but positive things to say about Malik Willis’ rookie season saying he’s got “Josh Allen type of vibes.”

Malik Willis is a football player who was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the 2018 NFL Draft. He has been compared to Josh Allen, for his “Josh Allen type of vibes.” Read more in detail here: malik willis.

Dan Orlovsky Is High on Malik Willis' 'Josh Allen Type of Vibes'

It’s easy to forget that some NFL clubs will be selecting a new quarterback in the upcoming NFL Draft amid all of the offseason quarterback movements. Drafting a quarterback — like Liberty’s Malik Willis — is another possibility for clubs who didn’t get their man or ended up with a less-than-inspiring alternative.

ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky, a former NFL quarterback, recommends Willis to clubs looking to choose a passer towards the top of the draft because of the parallels between the prospect and a proven young rising star, Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen.

(L-R) Liberty QB and 2022 NFL Draft prospect Malik Willis; Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen

(L-R) Liberty QB and 2022 NFL Draft prospect Malik Willis; Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen Malik Willis and Josh Allen (from left to right) | Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images; Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

NFL clubs are playing a game of quarterback musical chairs in mid-March 2022. Teams form a ring around each other, and when the music stops, everyone takes a quarterback. Some teams keep the quarterback they began the game with (Aaron Rodgers), while others move him around for better or worse (Russell Wilson) (Carson Wentz).  

Teams lacking a legitimate quarterback after the music stops might be in the market for a throwing prospect come April 28. The Indianapolis Colts, New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, and Seattle Seahawks are among the clubs lacking a true starter right now.

Furthermore, clubs such as the Cleveland Browns, Houston Texans, New York Giants, Detroit Lions, and Atlanta Falcons may have unstable or uninteresting quarterback situations.

In the NFL quarterback market, there are still a few huge dominoes to fall. In the coming weeks, the fortunes of Jimmy Garoppolo, Deshaun Watson, and Baker Mayfield will further alter the quarterback landscape.

If a club doesn’t find a long-term answer in the next month, choosing a quarterback will be the next best option, and ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky believes Malik Willis is the greatest option.

Malik Willis has risen to the top of the NFL draft’s quarterback rankings.

Several quarterbacks were in contention to be the first off the board in the 2022 draft season. Malik Willis of Liberty, Kenny Pickett of Pittsburgh, Sam Howell of North Carolina, Desmond Ridder of Cincinnati, and Matt Corral of Ole Miss were also considered early on.

As the writing process progressed, Willis and Pickett started to drift apart. Willis seemed to have a grip on the best player at the position after his performance at the NFL Combine, when he displayed his athleticism, arm talent, and composure.

Willis’ two flaws are that he attended a small school — Liberty, where he transferred from Auburn — and that he is little. He was only a little over 6-feet tall in the combine.

Dan Orlovsky, an ESPN commentator and former NFL quarterback, is unconcerned about this. Willis’ height doesn’t worry the expert, who recently told Pat McAfee on the Pat McAfee Show that the manner he plays reminds him of a much larger, successful NFL quarterback.

Orlovsky told McAfee, “I’m interested by the youngster.” “It’s because he has Josh Allen vibes written all over him.” He’s simply not as large as I am.”

That’s big praise for a quarterback prospect, since Allen has swept the league in the previous two seasons, transforming the Buffalo Bills from two-decade losers to Super Bowl contenders.

Which club will take a risk on Willis if he has “Josh Allen type vibes” and maybe improve their franchise’s fortunes?

Malik Willis should be selected by which team? 

Which club will choose Malik Willis if he is the greatest quarterback in the 2022 NFL Draft?

According to the latest reports, Willis might be drafted as high as No. 2 by the Detroit Lions. The Lions need a quarterback, but two is a lot for a man who hasn’t had much success in the NFL. Carson Wentz of North Dakota State was ranked No. 2 in 2016 while Trey Lance of the same institution was ranked No. 3 last year. Another example of this working out is Josh Allen. In 2018, he was ranked No. 7 out of Wyoming.

Willis might be the selection if the Lions are unable to sign local favorite Aidan Hutchison from Michigan.

The Houston Texans (No. 3), Carolina Panthers (No. 6), Atlanta Falcons (No. 8) and Seattle Seahawks (No. 9) are the most probable slots in the top 10 assuming things remain more or less the same as they are today in mid-March (which they very definitely won’t).

There are still first-round picks available if Willis slips below the first half of the selection. If the Cleveland Browns (No. 13) lose Baker Mayfield, Willis’ floor is likely to be the New Orleans Saints (No. 18) and Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 20).

Whoever takes a chance on Willis is taking a risk, but if he has Josh Allen-level talent, as Dan Orlovsky claims, it will be worthwhile.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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