Cincinnati Reds Star Nick Castellanos Used 1 Fan and a Massive Hit to Blast MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred. By: Patrick C. Martin The MLB commissioner is a man that can get under the skin of some of the biggest stars in the MLB, and no one has shown that more than Cincinnati Reds star Nick Castellanos. In what might be the most epic “I’m offended” story in recent memory, Castellanos took to Twitter to say that the MLB was “out of touch” and that he would no longer be attending games because of the way he was treated.

A few innings after blasting a home run into the right field seats at Great American Ballpark, Cincinnati Reds star Nick Castellanos was back in the Reds dugout. He was not there to celebrate the game-winning blast with his teammates, but to confront the man who had thrown a beer can on the field towards him. Castellanos yelled at the fan, while the fan yelled back at the Reds third baseman. After several seconds, Castellanos slowly walked up to the fan and said “Go get me the ball.”

Cincinnati Reds fans have always hated the MLB commissioner, whether it was Bud Selig or Rob Manfred. That’s because MLB hit king Pete Rose is still banned from baseball. Manfred, the current commissioner, hasn’t exactly improved his relationship with the Reds’ fans lately, as some of the team’s stars aren’t too happy with him and the league office. Outfielder Nick Castellanos recently taunted Manfred with a fan and a powerful swing.

MLBs suspends Reds stars Nick Castellanos and Amir Garrett

. COMPARED TO: Wade Miley can thank the Incredible Hulk for helping him throw a no-hitter Earlier this season, Castellanos was suspended for two games by the MLB after the outfielder scored on a wild pitch and then celebrated by standing over the St. Louis Cardinals’ pitcher and yelling. Louis, Jake Woodford. The two benches have therefore been vacated. Castellanos appealed but lost and ended up having to serve two games. As expected, the Reds were disappointed. I am disappointed that Nick was suspended, even though he was not the initiator of the physical contact, Reds manager David Bell said at the time, according to Bleacher Report. My hope is that when baseball is played with emotion, players are protected from dangerous and unnecessary retaliation. Recently, the MLB suspended Reds pitcher Amir Garrett for five games after he yelled from the stands following a strikeout against the Cubs, which also led to an incident with a bench. He was originally suspended for seven games, but the league reduced the suspension to five. I don’t know what to tell you, Garrett said, according to I’ve learned not to have fun. Cincinnati players clearly feel like they can’t enjoy the game they love, and rightfully so. In fact, Castellanos has since made it clear that he’s not happy with the league.

Nick Castellanos used a fan and a big swing to challenge Rob Manfred

word-image-3144 word-image-7135 (Left to right) Nick Castellanos and Rob Manfred. | Norm Hall/Getty Images; Rob Tringali/MLB Photos via Getty Images COMPARED TO: Ken Griffey Jr. reveals why he didn’t use steroids during his legendary career In the third inning of an away game against the Colorado Rockies on the 15th. May hit a two-run home run off Castellanos to tie the game. After rounding the bases, the Cincinnati star struck out a Reds-fan, then the team lost 6-5 in 12 innings. After the game, Castellanos was asked about the fisting in a post-game interview. In the end, he left it to the fan to answer that question for himself. I told Nick, when he got up, to imagine Rob Manfred’s face on the baseball, the fan told Bally Sports Ohio, according to And the next pitch, he threw it over the fence, baby. Castellanos then crossed his arms and stared into the camera as he listened to the fan talk about the incident. The MLB could have suspended Castellanos, but the Reds’ star laughed all the way through.

A great season with the Cincinnati Reds

. COMPARED TO: What was Joe Morgan’s net income? Castellanos only joined the Reds in the 2020 season shortened by lockouts, and had a good year in the 60 games he played in. He hit .225 and had 14 home runs and 34 RBI. This year, though, he was at his best. Castellanos, a .276 hitter in his career, has a .326 average with the Reds this season, which is third-best in the National League. He also hit 10 home runs (third in the NL), 25 RBI and is fourth in the NL with 29 runs scored. His efforts got the Reds off to a good start, as Cincinnati is now 19-19 and just 2.5 games away from first place in the NL Central. The Reds haven’t won a playoff series since 1995. If Castellanos and the rest of the Reds, who have scored 205 points this year and lead the NL, can continue their good start – and not be disqualified – they might be able to help turn things around. statistics provided by Baseball Reference and ESPN

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