Cincinnati Bengals rookie receiver Ja’Marr Chase had one good game then promptly turned off fans with his selfishness. He was drafted in the seventh round of this year’s NFL Draft, but has already been released by the team for disciplinary reasons.

Cincinnati Bengals rookie receiver Ja’Marr Chase had 1 good game then promptly turned off fans with his selfishness. Read more in detail here: ja’marr chase stats.

The Cincinnati Bengals had no idea what to expect from rookie wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase heading into Week 1 of the NFL season. The club and its supporters had to be concerned about what the young athlete would perform in actual game action after a dropped-filled preseason.

Chase performed well in his first official NFL game, just as Bengals Nation had anticipated. The dynamic wideout had a fantastic debut game, which no sure wowed the crowd. However, after his breakthrough performance, the former LSU Tiger revealed his league aspirations, and his Ja’Marr-centric aims irritated some.

After a rocky preseason, Ja’Marr Chase exploded in Week 1.

Ja’Marr Chase of LSU was selected fifth overall in the 2021 NFL Draft by the Cincinnati Bengals, reuniting him with his collegiate quarterback, Joe Burrow.

Over previous year’s Rookie of the Year Justin Jefferson and fellow 2021 draft prospect Terrace Marshall Jr., Chase was the top receiver on LSU’s 2019 National Championship squad.

He declined to play in the 2020 season, but his talent and performance during the miraculous 2019 season were enough to make him the first wide receiver taken in the 2021 draft.

Despite his background and comfort with his quarterback, Chase struggled in preseason training camp. Drops were a significant issue for him, manifesting themselves in both practice and preseason games.

While his teammates and coaches openly backed him, no one knew what to expect when the Bengals hosted the Minnesota Vikings at Paul Brown Stadium to kick off the new season.

Chase stepped up in a major way as the lights came on.

With no drops, the youngster grabbed five of the seven passes thrown his way for 101 yards, including a 50-yard touchdown pass from Burrow. Chase was named Rookie of the Week for his efforts, which helped the Bengals win a 27-24 overtime thriller.

Ja’Marr Chase, one of Week 1’s breakthrough stars, was featured on the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football program a few days after his huge game.

Chase was given the opportunity to address the “naysayers” by host Kyle Brandt at the opening of the GMFB segment.

“I’d want to say, ‘enjoy the show,’” I say. Chase remarked. “I’ve been hearing this since I was a child, but I’m not concerned.”

Thomas Davis, a former NFL linebacker, then questioned Chase about a post-draft remark in which he said that he intended to shatter every record held by the Cincinnati Bengals franchise. Chase went even farther in his GMFB comments:

So, I’m attempting to shatter every record I can. I’m fairly confident I won’t be able to break every record, but every record is intended to be broken, therefore I’ll find a method to break one here. I’ll take as many as I can, as many as I can.

On shattering Bengals records, Ja’Marr Chase

While some fans praised Chase’s ambitious goals on social media, others criticized him for focusing only on individual achievements and failing to highlight team accomplishments. “Perhaps start with…helping your team win a few games first,” ESPN’s Diana Russini tweeted.

Russini’s post and the tweet she cited from NFL Network’s Will Selva drew a wide range of responses. Chase’s lack of humility, as well as his audacity in boasting about shattering records after a single five-catch game, drew the worst criticism.

In Week 2, the rookie receiver will face the Chicago Bears for another opportunity to shine.

Ja'Marr Chase of the Cincinnati Bengals looks on in the third quarter against the Minnesota Vikings at Paul Brown Stadium on September 12, 2021 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ja'Marr Chase of the Cincinnati Bengals looks on in the third quarter against the Minnesota Vikings at Paul Brown Stadium on September 12, 2021 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ja’Marr Chase | Photo courtesy of Getty Images/Dylan Buell

Whether a five-catch game will serve as the basis for a record-breaking career or not, it is a great start. Now it’s up to Ja’Marr Chase to take the next step and put up another huge performance, which he’ll have the opportunity to do in Week 2 when the Bengals travel Soldier Field to face the Chicago Bears.

Last Sunday night, the Bears’ secondary struggled to maintain track of the Los Angeles Rams receivers they attempted to cover. Overall, the defense allowed 20 completions for 321 yards and three touchdowns. They were also unable to make a successful interception.

Cooper Kupp of the Rams topped the team in receiving yards with 108, while second-year wideout Van Jefferson was close behind with 80 yards due to a 67-yard touchdown catch.

Eddie Jackson and Tashaun Gipson Sr. are two veteran safeties in the Bears secondary, while corners Jaylon Johnson, Kindle Vildor, Duke Shelley, and Xavier Crawford are all inexperienced. Only CB Artie Burns has spent more than two seasons in the league.

This defensive backfield, which the Los Angeles Rams exposed last week, may give Chase with the ideal chance to continue his record-breaking quest while also helping the Cincinnati Bengals win.

Pro Football Reference and Sports Reference provided all stats.

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