Koepka’s fan base is a little bit different from most Ryder Cup players. These are golf fanatics, not fanatics of anyone in particular, but the tour’s best player—who, suffice to say, also happens to be this year’s U.S. captain. People who play golf for a living can get pretty passionate about their favorite players, but there’s no denying that Koepka’s fans are more so; they’re totally in love with their favorite golfer, and they’re willing to do anything for him.

Koepka and DeChambeau are good friends and have played together with the US team since Koepka was a teenager. Their partnership continued this summer, and Koepka told GOLF MEDIA he was “really lucky” to be with DeChambeau on the Ryder Cup team. He could have been with anyone, but he wanted to be with the best player in the world—and after getting to know DeChambeau on the course, Koepka had a hunch he would be a great Ryder Cup partner. Koepka’s hunch proved correct, and the two went a combined 9-0-1 in four matches.

Self-described dog lover Brooks Koepka recently went on a date that ended up being a lot more casual than he expected. Although he and his date, Tatum O’Neal, were ready to leave, the golfer realized he didn’t have his clubs with him. So, instead of heading out, Koepka decided to catch up on some sleep. The next morning, he returned to the scene of the crime, only to have O’Neal tell him that the clubs were gone, stolen while he was sleeping.. Read more about ryder cup and let us know what you think.

The Ryder Cup in 2021 is less than a month away, and the United States squad is beginning to take form in preparation for the biennial match versus the Europeans. We already know that Brooks Koepka, as well as his deadly nemesis and PGA Tour opponent Bryson DeChambeau, will be representing the Red, White, and Blue at Whistling Straits next month.

Although Koepka has said that he would not want to be partnered with his greatest rival in the Ryder Cup, he has inadvertently labeled DeChambeau as his ideal partner.


Brooks Koepka explains who his ideal Ryder Cup partner is.

Brooks Koepka wants an emotional Ryder Cup partner.

Brooks Koepka wants an emotional Ryder Cup partner. During the 2016 Ryder Cup at Hazeltine National Golf Club, Brandt Snedeker and Brooks Koepka shake fists | Jamie Squire/Getty Images

To say the least, Koepka isn’t the most emotional golfer on the planet. He’s become known for maintaining a stern attitude on the golf field at all times, seldom succumbing to the relentless strain that comes with being a top PGA Tour player.

As a result, when the guy without emotions considers his ideal Ryder Cup match play partner, he naturally seeks for a competitor to balance him out.

According to Zephyr Melton of Golf.com, Koepka remarked this weekend, “I appreciate an energetic person.” “I used to think Brandt Snedeker was the ideal fit for me when I was playing. A man who enjoys getting high, low, and aroused. That is not something I display. Those aren’t my emotions at all. So it’s sort of exciting for me when I get to do things like that.”

Koepka played two matches with Snedeker in the 2016 Ryder Cup at Hazeltine, and the duo won both handily. The only other doubles match Koepka played that week was with Dustin Johnson, another one of golf’s stoic bombers. They lost 3&1.

“I really like it when a man is very excited,” Koepka said. “Because it was my first Ryder Cup, I was able to figure out what I liked right away. I believe it is advantageous to me, but you never know what some men may say. You know, I’ve stated what I want or what I prefer in a playing partner. We’ll have to wait and see. It’s up to them at the end of the day. I don’t get to choose who I play with, but you can bet they’ll put together the greatest squad they can.”

Bryson DeChambeau seems to be Koepka’s perfect companion.

So, at the Ryder Cup, Koepka wants to play alongside a fierce opponent who can elicit some uncommon feeling from him. Let’s examine who on the current American team fits that description.

What about Collin Morikawa? I’m not a very passionate gamer.

Who is Dustin Johnson? No way.

Do you know who Justin Thomas is? Sure, he’s a firebrand.

Xander Schauffele, perhaps? On the golf field, he may be even more emotionless than Koepka.

Bryson DeChambeau is the only other automatic qualifier for this year’s tournament.

Enthusiastic? Check. Is he a man who wears his heart on his sleeve? Double-check everything.

DeChambeau may be the greatest match for Koepka’s dream partner, according on the criteria he set.

The Ryder Cup brings together an unexpected ideal team.

“I’m fairly confident I’m not playing with him,” Koepka said of playing in the Ryder Cup alongside Bryson DeChambeau. It seems to be a safe bet.

July 13, 2021 — Rex Hoggard (@RexHoggardGC)

Even though golf fans would love to see Koepka and DeChambeau in the same group at Whistling Straits, it’s a long shot. Just take it from Koepka himself.

At the Open Championship last month, Koepka stated, “I’m not playing with him.” “To put it another way, I’m fairly confident we’re not going to be matched together.” I believe that is self-evident. It makes no difference. We’re not going to be high-fiving or talking late into the night.”

Steve Stricker, the team captain, will have a lot of choices when it comes to pairings for both players. Next month, they’ll be partners for a few days, but that’ll be all.

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