Antonio Brown has a lot to say about his time with the New England Patriots. In an interview, he said that “the best experience of my life” was learning from Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Brown also praised Rob Gronkowski for helping him learn more about being a receiver in the NFL since they’re both 6-foot-6 receivers who use their bodies well on routes.

Antonio Brown Praises Bill Belichick, Says Time With the Patriots Was the ‘Best Experience of My Life’. Read more in detail here: bill belichick contract.

Brown, Antonio is lucky to have found himself in a terrific position after a career full of self-inflicted pain. After spent much of his career as the number one option, he’s now the third wide receiver on a reigning Super Bowl winner. He also had Tom Brady throwing to him, which is something that any receiver would lust over. Brown is now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, although he has also played for a few other clubs over his tumultuous career. Antonio Brown recently said that his time with Bill Belichick was the “greatest” of his life, despite the fact that it was brief. 

Antonio Brown traveled to Tampa Bay in an unusual manner.

Antonio Brown, formerly #17 of the New England Patriots, celebrates with head coach Bill Belichick.

Antonio Brown, formerly #17 of the New England Patriots, celebrates with head coach Bill Belichick. Former New England Patriots #17 Antonio Brown celebrates with head coach Bill Belichick. | Getty Images/Michael Reaves

Brown pushed his way out of town in 2019 after a tremendous career with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Brown was moved to the Oakland Raiders in the 2019 offseason after causing head coach Mike Tomlin a lot of difficulties. His stint there, though, was brief, according to CBS Sports.

Brown quickly became embroiled in a spat with then-Raiders coach Jon Gruden. Brown had a series of contentious situations throughout the preseason, prompting him to request his release from the organization. They did, basically conceding that everything they had given up in a deal for Brown had been for nothing.

Brown was picked up by the New England Patriots after that disaster. During Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season, he only appeared in one game for them, against the Miami Dolphins. He and Brady connected on four catches for 56 yards and a score. 

Brown’s off-field actions (including an allegation of sexual assault, among other terrible claims) led to his release before the following game. Following his suspension, Brown joined the Buccaneers the following season, where he assisted Brady in winning his seventh Super Bowl ring. 

Bill Belichick had nothing but wonderful things to say about Antonio Brown. 8UJXSmc

Some of Brown’s past clubs are unlikely to be friendly with him. On his birthday, it’s reasonable to assume that neither the Steelers nor the Raiders will give him any gift baskets. But there is one previous club — or at least one former coach — with whom he has no qualms, and that is New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick. 

Following a victory over his previous club earlier this season, Brown expressed no ill will toward the Pats or Belichick, according to Yahoo! Sports. He said this about the guy many consider to be the finest coach in the sport’s history: 

“Bill Belichick is one of the top coaches in the league, training his players both on and off the field with rigor.”

Antonio Brown

Brown also acknowledged Belichick’s commitment to preparation. “I remember traversing these exact corridors to go to practice, and it was wonderful being a player and playing with him, just to witness the preparation and the intricacies that he goes over to make sure his team is prepared,” he said. It was also an honor to be able to speak with him after the game.”

His stay there was also described as the “greatest experience of my life.” That’s saying a lot, since Brown is in an ideal circumstance right now.

What is Antonio Brown’s current status with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Brown, as previously said, is at an ideal location in Tampa Bay. He’s on the field alongside a quarterback who might one day be a Hall of Famer. Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, his fellow wide receivers, both play at a high level, enabling him to nearly never encounter double teams. 

Brown has been an effective player for Tampa Bay, according to Pro Football Reference. He recorded 45 receptions in in eight games last season. He has 29 receptions in five games this season. 

Brown’s stats may have been better earlier in his career, but he’s a lot older today. He has a lighter weight to bear for the team, and he fits in well in that capacity. 

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