Anthony Edwards, a veteran of NBA Playoffs, brought his shooting touch and hoops knowledge to the Minnesota Timberwolves for their final playoff push. The team is currently battling with Oklahoma City Thunder in hopes of securing one of the last two spots in the playoffs.

Anthony Edwards did his best Michael Jordan impression for a playoff-starved Timberwolves team. The former “ER” actor put on a show that was reminiscent of the Chicago Bulls legend. Read more in detail here: anthony edwards michael jordan look alike.

Anthony Edwards Does His Best Michael Jordan Impression for a Playoff-Starved Timberwolves Team

Anthony Edwards of the Minnesota Timberwolves is just 20 years old, yet he already has the swagger of a multiple-time All-Star. After all, this is the same guy who stated in September that if he grew to 6-foot-6, he could be exactly like Air Jordan.

Edwards did make a big statement. Still, after approximately five months, he’s starting to resemble Michael Jordan.

In his second season, Edwards has shown a significant improvement. Many basketball fans may equate the Atlanta native with Jordan’s explosive three-level scoring ability and great confidence.

In his second season with the Timberwolves, Anthony Edwards thrives.

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Anthony Edwards was the No. 1 overall selection in the 2020 NBA Draft due to his outstanding quickness and scoring potential. The Timberwolves’ guard is improving his ability to use those skills.

Since his outstanding post-All-Star performance last season, Edwards has maintained his momentum. He’s scoring more points (22.9, up from 19.3), rebounds (5.2, up from 4.7), and assists (3.7, up from 2.9), and his true shooting percentage has increased by nearly 4%.

In Minnesota, Ant-Man isn’t exactly the best choice. He is, however, as versatile a scorer as any in the NBA.

Edwards scored 40 points in a victory against the Portland Trail Blazers on January 25. He hit five triples and made 11 free throws in the game. With three thefts and three blocks, the Georgia product demonstrated his potential as a defensive playmaker.

Edwards showed off his improved playmaking skills a few nights later. In a defeat to the Phoenix Suns, he had a season-high 10 assists, demonstrating that he is just as capable of facilitating as he is of creating shots.

Edwards has improved his performance in almost every aspect of the game, despite the fact that he is remembered for his spectacular scoring feats. One thing is certain: Ant-Man is well aware of his progress.

Edwards exudes incredible self-assurance.

Anthony Edwards on his chances of winning MVP: “If not this year, it will undoubtedly be next year. Next year, I’m aiming for MVP.”

— Sean Highkin (@highkin) January 26, 2022

Edwards’ fast maturity has helped the Timberwolves reach the playoffs. They may soon find themselves in the title image if Ant has anything to say about it.

Following his 40-point performance against the Blazers, Edwards said that he “for sure” expects to win NBA MVP next season. This remark will undoubtedly be added to Edwards’ increasing collection of quotables. The T-wolves’ star, on the other hand, is undeniably constant.

Edwards dubbed himself “Black Jesus,” according to Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic. D’Angelo Russell, a teammate, just shrugged his shoulders in response to the comment. According to The Athletic, Edwards’ coach, Chris Finch, stressed that the team welcomes any and all competitors.

Indeed, Ant-unwavering Man’s confidence, along with his on-court growth, should evoke more Michael Jordan parallels.

Are you a fan of Mike?

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards dribbles the ball during an NBA game against the Golden State Warriors

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards dribbles the ball during an NBA game against the Golden State Warriors On Jan. 27, 2022, Anthony Edwards dribbles the ball across the court during a game against the Golden State Warriors | Kavin Mistry/Getty Images

According to The Athletic, LaMelo Ball’s demeanor throughout the predraft process gave the Timberwolves the impression that he didn’t want to be in Minnesota. Meanwhile, James Wiseman is said to be uninterested in playing in front of Karl-Anthony Towns.

On the other side, Anthony Edwards assured the team that he was prepared for anything they threw at him. So far, that attitude has been a major divider, and it’s akin to Michael Jordan’s.

With the jab or off the bounce, Edwards can create space. Ant-Man possesses the speed and agility to blast past opponents and the athleticism and body control to finish over rim protectors, much like a young Michael Jordan. He’s also at ease coming to a complete stop and drawing up for jumps.

Edwards, on the other hand, stands out for his unwavering ambition to develop and be the greatest. He’s still a below-average defender. His defensive box plus-minus, on the other hand, is 1.6 points per 100 possessions more than previous season. The progress he’s made in that area has aided in the development of a surprisingly formidable Timberwolves defense.

Edwards have both the mental and physical abilities to succeed. He also backs up his bravado with outstanding performances, and he does it with a deadly instinct akin to Michael Jordan.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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Anthony Edwards did his best Michael Jordan impression for a playoff-starved Timberwolves team. Anthony is the new head coach of Minnesota and has experience playing in the NBA. Reference: anthony edwards position.

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