After a successful combine, some of the best players in this year’s draft are now considered by experts to be surefire top 5 picks. Teams will have more and more opportunities to sign these prospects because they cannot pass on their talented playmakers.

The “nfl combine 2020” is a big event that the NFL holds to determine which players will be drafted in the upcoming draft. The “An Absolute Home Run at the Combine” was an article written by Bleacher Report writer Matt Miller.

'An Absolute Home Run at the Combine'

Any draft analyst will tell you that the quarterback position in the 2022 NFL Draft isn’t particularly strong. Two college quarterbacks, Kenny Pickett of Pitt and Malik Willis of Liberty, have the potential to be first-round choices. Colin Cowherd, a sports talk broadcaster, feels one of them is deserving of a high draft pick after just a few days at the combine. 

The top quarterbacks in the 2022 NFL Draft are Malik Willis and Kenny Pickett.

The QB crop in 2022 isn’t quite as good as it was a year before, when NFL clubs selected Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Trey Lance, Justin Fields, and Mac Jones in the top 15.

From the middle of the first through the third or fourth round, there are numerous fascinating quarterback possibilities. Teams may find starting signal-callers in this area, as we’ve seen with Pro Bowl quarterbacks like Russell Wilson and Dak Prescott.

Matt Corrall (Ole Miss), Sam Howell (North Carolina), Carson Strong (Nevada), and Desmond Ridder (Nevada) are among the second tier of 2022 quarterbacks (Cincinnati).

However, the quarterbacks with a chance to start early in the first seem to be down to two.

Kenny Pickett, a Pittsburgh native, is a fifth-year senior. For the better part of four seasons, he was a starter for the Panthers. Pickett’s career finished with 12,303 yards, a 62.4 percent completion percentage, and 81 touchdowns against 32 interceptions. According to CBS Sports, he measured 6-foot-3 and 14 inches tall and weighed 217 pounds in the combine. Due to his double-jointed thumbs, his hands were a historically tiny 8 12 inches.

Malik Willis began his career at Auburn before transferring to Liberty, a tiny institution in Virginia, to make the move from FCS to FBS. Willis completed 62.4 percent of his throws for 5,107 yards and 47 touchdowns with 18 interceptions in two years as the Flames’ quarterback. He stood 6 feet 12 inches tall and weighed 219 pounds with 12 inch hands at the combine.

With all of this in mind (along with a recent popular social media video), sports talk host Colin Cowherd claims to know which quarterback he’d choose first overall in the draft.

Colin Cowherd has declared his support for Malik Willis.

“There are two quarterbacks that feel like first-round choices,” Colin Cowherd stated on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, assessing the scenario. “My worries about Kenny Pickett are that he has a low ceiling; why did it take him five years to pop?” I despise him. It seems to be rather decent. Malik Willis is the other youngster about whom I remarked, ‘there’s something there,’ but all I had were YouTube footage since I don’t watch Liberty football. He simply seemed to be large and powerful. He reminded me of Trey Lance.”

Cowherd had had enough after only a few days at the NFL Combine, when Willis displayed his huge arm and agility, drawing similarities to Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

For me, this is Malik Willis’ first-look material, and I’ve seen enough of him. I’d take him in the fourth, fifth, and sixth rounds. He’s had a great week, and it’s not just because of football. Malik Willis was seen assisting a homeless guy in a video that surfaced Tuesday. Liberty employees rushed to Twitter to assure us that this was a routine occurrence and that it had nothing to do with Malik Willis.

Malik Willis, according to Colin Cowherd

Cowherd said the touching Twitter video of Willis handing a homeless man t-shirts out of his suitcase isn’t enough to draft the in the top 10, but when you combine that with his “80-yard throws” that made NFL Network’s Rich Eisen “freak out,” he’s a signal-caller Cowherd would take to lead his team.

That’s why Willis’ time in Indianapolis was described by the presenter as “an unbelievable home run at the combine.”

Is Willis the anti-Kyler Murray or Aaron Rodgers? 

(L-R) Malik Willis of the Liberty Flames and Kenny Pickett of the Pittsburgh Panthers in 2021.

(L-R) Malik Willis of the Liberty Flames and Kenny Pickett of the Pittsburgh Panthers in 2021. Malik Willis and Kenny Pickett (from left to right) | Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images; Justin Berl/Getty Images

With no “sexy” quarterback names at the top of the NFL draft, the offseason has been dominated by experienced quarterback turmoil.

There’s no lack of diva quarterbacks dominating the headlines, whether it’s Aaron Rodgers playing Hamlet with his choice to remain with the Green Bay Packers or Kyler Murray going scorched earth on the Arizona Cardinals.

That’s one of the reasons Colin Cowherd was so moved by the Malik Willis video. With all of the controversy in the quarterback ranks these days, Cowherd believes that “character” is more important than ever. Finding a quarterback who doesn’t pout and run people the wrong way or attempt to hold the organization hostage after one strong season is critical when a club is selecting a franchise leader — as it is when selecting a quarterback in the top 10.

There’s always the possibility that even a high-character quarterback may want out at some point (Russell Wilson). Before that, though, a team should have a decade of drama-free play.

Look for the Carolina Panthers (No. 6), Atlanta Falcons (No. 8), Denver Broncos (No. 9), Washington Commanders (No. 11), or Minnesota Vikings (No. 12) to take a shot at Willis if clubs agree with Cowherd and believe he is the consensus #1 quarterback in the draft and deserving of a high choice.

Sports Reference provided all stats.

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What is the fastest 40 yard dash in the NFL Combine?

A: In 2015, Bucky Hodges ran a 4.40 yard dash at the NFL Combine with his hand on his hip.

What was the fastest 40 yard dash?

A: The fastest 40 yard dash recorded by a human was just 3.12 seconds, achieved in 1999 by Tim Montgomery of the United States.

What time is the NFL Combine 2022?

A: The NFL Combine is usually in the month of February. However, as it has not yet been announced and because this date does change every year, there is no correct answer for you at this time.

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