As the game’s release date of October 1 looms, many players are still finding their feet in the game.  This guide is intended to help players who are new to the game, and those who wish to discover all the locations of the game’s media sticks.

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It’s been suspected that GTA Online’s official box art would say something along the lines of “Play GTA Online on a PC, Xbox One or PS4”. Well, guess what? The box art doesn’t say that. In fact, it doesn’t say anything about the game at all. It’s just a box that looks like a box. Probably.

Rockstar released five media sticks full of new exclusive music for your car’s media player with the release of the Los Santos Tuners for GTA Online update, and you know you want to get in on it.

This tutorial will assist you in locating all media sticks in Grand Theft Auto Online. You’ll be rewarded with some additional music, reputation points, and a cool t-shirt if you gather all five media sticks.

Locations of all GTA Online Media Sticks


Location of the GTA Online Media Stick: Black EP

The first media stick may be found at the LS Car Meet headquarters in La Mesa, Los Santos, on Popular Street.

The red toolbox may be seen in the building’s southern section. It will be directly on top of the media stick.

Blue EP is the location of the GTA Online Media Stick.

Travel to the East Vinewood and reach the Diamond Casino & Resort building. Get up to the roof terrace and search for a coffee table next to yellow sofa.

On the coffee table, close to a tiny light, is the second media stick.

Violet EP is a location in GTA Online where you can get a media stick.

You may visit any nightclub in Los Santos and locate Tony Prince’s desk inside.

On Tony’s table, next to his picture and green plant, is the third media stick.

Green EP is the location of the GTA Online Media Stick.

In Los Santos, you may now visit any arcade building. Check the top of the bar table to find the bar, which is typically at the far end.

Next to the bottles and glasses, the fourth media stick should be placed on top of the table.

Kenny’s Backyard Boogie is the location of the GTA Online Media Stick.

Finally, return to the LS Car Meet, where the first media stick was found.

In the garage, look for a white Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire, the Moodymann’s vehicle. When you open the trunk, you’ll find the fifth media stick sitting on top of a cardboard box.


You will be awarded with the following things after you have gathered all five media sticks:

  • 4,000 RP
  • Seth Troxler’s CLR Launch Party Extra Mix
  • T-Shirt from CircoLoco Records

That’s all there is to it when it comes to finding all of the media stick spots in GTA Online. Check out our dedicated GTA Online hub page for more GTA Online tips and tricks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the media sticks in GTA Online?

The media sticks are not in GTA Online.

What is the media player on GTA Online?

The media player is a device that allows players to play music and videos on GTA Online.

Is there stocks in GTA Online?

There is no stocks in GTA Online.

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