A Stealth Forest is a type of terrain found in Age of Empires 4. Forests and trees provide cover and concealment to the player, increasing their chances for success on higher difficulty levels. In this guide we’ll take a look at how these forests work, as well as some advanced tactics you can employ with them

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Stealth woods are a new feature in Age of Empires 4 and a terrific technique to ambush opponent civilizations. The inclusion of stealth woods and new ambush mechanics add fascinating dimensions to skirmishes and online battles, while AoE 4 keeps faithful to the renowned RTS series’ heritage while throwing a few new aspects into the mix.

You may surprise enemy factions’ forces and gain an advantage in combat by putting units in stealth woods. Because learning how to utilize stealth woods may be a little complicated at first, here’s a rundown of how the new system works.

In Age of Empires 4, how do stealth forests work?


In Age of Empires 4, stealth woods are constantly strewn across each map, regardless of which of the 17 you choose or whose seeds they produce. Looking for the reddish-brown grass that grows in stealth woods, as seen in the picture above, is a simple method to detect them.

The trees in these woods are also more spread out, and as troops enter them, they will glow with a red and blue outline. 

When troops are placed in a stealth forest, they are invisible to hostile players until they enter the forest as well. Scouts are the only ones that can see into stealth woods, making them ideal for setting up ambushes and smelling them out. Unfortunately, AoE 4 lacks an auto scout feature, so you’ll have to hunt out these ambush places manually.

While troops do not get any stat bonuses in stealth woods, the main benefit is in catching opponents off guard. Keep in mind that unless you adjust their orders to “Stand Ground,” troops will auto-attack when they notice foes. 

Similarly, if you’re advancing an army through a densely wooded location, have at least one Scout keep an eye out for concealed enemy troops. Another feasible strategy is to station troops in Stealth Forests to keep an eye on hidden areas of the map where you may not have many units.

The idea is to keep stealth woods in mind no matter what culture you’re playing as or what map you’re on, since they may provide you and your opponent a tiny advantage. Check out our Age of Empires 4 guide site for even more tips, walkthroughs, and assistance. 

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