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The Age of Empires 4 Regular Unit Counters Guide is a regularly updated guide to the units and counters in the latest installment of this PC series. Here, you’ll find specific details on which unit counters are most effective against other unit types as well as specific guidelines for countering your opponents’ strategies.The “age of empire” is a series of real-time strategy games created by Ensemble Studios. The first game in the series, age of empires, was released on October 19th, 1997. The game has gone on to be one of the most successful and best selling computer games ever made.



In Age of Empires 4, unit counters are crucial for winning battles and pitching skirmishes. Most units have distinct strengths and weaknesses, making them good counters to other unit kinds.

The Deluxe Edition of AoE 4 included with a unit counters chart, which, like the Art of War lessons, gives a basic overview of which troops are best employed against which.

If you have that version, where do you look for the unit counts chart? For those who purchased that version, the chart may be accessed in the game’s local files.

This tutorial sets out the specialties of each ordinary unit if you don’t have the unit counts chart — or if you simply want an alternative approach to assimilate the information presented there.

Mangonels are weak against practically all units, particularly if they are in formation or clumped together. Splash injury from Mangonel may be fatal. Furthermore, certain technologies, such as Iron Undermesh, might have an influence on attack bonuses for select troops.


  • Scouts, Horsemen, and Knights are all strong opponents.
  • Archers, Crossbowmen, Handcannoneers, and Men-at-Arms are all vulnerable to them.

Spearmen are one of the first military units you’ll develop in Age of Empires 4, unless you’re playing as the English. They’re accessible sooner and for less money than the Man-at-Arms, plus they don’t need any food or cash to train.

They start with a +12 attack boost against cavalry troops. Hardened receive a +16 bonus, Veterans get a +18 bonus, and Elites get a +22 bonus. 


  • Strong in the face of Spearmen, Archers, and Horsemen
  • Crossbowmen, Knights, and Handcannoners are all vulnerable to them.

These units are accessible to the English in the first age and to all other civilizations in the Feudal Age. Men-at-Arms are general-purpose infantry troops with a high beginning armor value that can take on a variety of unit kinds. They don’t have any offensive or defensive benefits.


  • Spearmen, Crossbowmen, and unarmored infantry are all vulnerable.
  • Horsemen, Knights, Men-at-Arms, and Handcannoneers are all vulnerable to them.

In Age of Empires 4, archers are the main ranged troop. They are quite inexpensive to build and have a +5 attack against Spearmen and unarmored troops. This is increased to +7 for veterans and +8 for elites. Some archery troops, such as the Longbowman, have somewhat differing attack values.

They should not be used against Cavalry, Men-at-Arms, or any other siege weapon. Their arrows are inefficient against armor and battering rams, siege towers, and other heavy weapons. 


  • Knights are formidable opponents for men-at-arms.
  • Horsemen, Spearmen, and Archers are all vulnerable to them.

Crossbowmen are effective against armored troops and should be utilized against Knights, Men-at-Arms, and other armored forces in particular. Crossbowmen receive a +6 attack bonus against heavy infantry units, which increases to +8 when upgraded to Elite. Some comparable unit types, such as Archers, have varying attack values.


  • Crossbowmen are powerful against archers.
  • Spearmen, Men-at-Arms, and Knights are all vulnerable to them.

Horsemen are crucial in the early game since they can counter Archers and have a +9 attack boost versus ranged troops. Veterans get +11, while Elites get +13. Because they are vulnerable against Spearmen, they should be backed up by their own team of Archers. These troops are ideal for pursuing Villagers and early siege weaponry. 


  • Archers, Men-at-Arms, and Horsemen are all strong opponents.
  • Spearmen, Crossbowmen, and Handconners are all vulnerable to them.

Knights are yet another unit type that receives no special benefits while fighting other units. They are, however, very formidable against Archers, and their armor allows them to take on Men-at-Arms and Horsemen. However, their armor does not shield them against crossbow bolts or spears. 


  • Strong against structures and large groups of people
  • Weak versus troops that attack with firebombs, Springalds, Horsemen

Mangonels are mainly a siege weapon, with a +24 attack boost against structures demonstrating their power early on. They are also surprisingly powerful against massed units of nearly any sort at any time in the game, particularly poorly armored troops or those that attack from a static posture, such as Archers.

Bombards & Trebuchets

  • Keeps, towers, and walls are no match for him.
  • Everything else makes you weak.

Trebuchets are purely siege weapons designed to take down stone walls and assault holds and other fortifications, with a +300 attack boost against structures. Bombards, with their +340 attack against structures, serve the same function. Both are highly ineffective against military troops and therefore always be safeguarded. 


  • Knights (maybe Men-at-Arms if you’re fortunate) are strong against all siege weapons.
  • Infantry and Horsemen are vulnerable to us.

The Springald is an anti-siege unit that is designed to take out Mangonels, Trebuchets, and Battling Rams. It has a +20 attack boost against siege weapons, but it can also shoot military troops from afar, which makes it helpful against armored foot soldiers or cavalry in a crisis. 

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Other unique units in Age of Empires 4 have distinct offensive and defensive values, therefore their unit counts are slightly different from the ones shown below.

Other generic units, such as the monk, have unit counters that make them weak to almost everything and powerful to nothing. Springalds and any unit save Archers are vulnerable to Battering Rams and Siege Towers, yet they are excellent against defensive embattlements like walls and towers.

When examining unit counts, it’s also essential remembering other Age of Empires 4 mechanics. Hill boosts and stealth woods provide additional buffs and surprise attack possibilities to battle certain counters before opposing units may assault. Check out our other help guides or visit the link above for additional information about AoE 4.

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