Tiger Woods was a world-renowned golfer who played on the PGA Tour. He won 14 major championships, including 3 Masters and 4 U.S Open titles from 1997 to 2008. However, his legacy is marred by an addiction to illegal substances which caused him to retire in 2009 due to two back surgeries before turning 30 years old

Tiger Woods is one of the most successful golfers of all time. He’s won 14 major championships and has been on top for most of his career. Tiger was able to perfect his golf swing by playing in the dark until he lost his ball. Read more in detail here: where is tiger woods now.

A Young Tiger Woods Perfected His Golf Swing by Playing in the Dark Until He Lost His Ball

Without hours and hours of practice every day, you don’t become probably the best golfer of all time. That began for Tiger Woods when he was only two years old.

Woods would sneak onto the golf course with his father after sunset when he was a kid, and the two would play until he couldn’t locate his ball. He learnt to feel his shots and refine his swing without ever seeing the results there. Later in his career, he used his special ability to close off one of his 82 PGA Tour triumphs.

Tiger Woods began playing golf as a result of his father’s influence.

Tiger Woods laughs with his father, Earl Woods.

Tiger Woods laughs with his father, Earl Woods. The Target trophy presentation with Tiger Woods and his father, Earl Woods | Scott Clarke/WireImage

Child protégés are rare, but when they do, they virtually invariably go on to achieve tremendous success in their chosen sport. Tiger Woods is one of the most well-known cases, since he began swinging a golf club before he was even a year old.

While practicing hitting balls as a youngster, he mimicked his father, Earl Woods. Woods was already shooting lower scores at the age of three than most amateur golfers could only dream of.

Earl was tough on Tiger as a kid because he realized he had a special talent and a desire to achieve greatness. Even when it grew too dark outside to see the ball, he never wanted to quit playing golf.

By practicing golf in the dark, Tiger learnt how to polish his swing.

Tiger wasn’t your usual young athlete, so it’s understandable that his training was unconventional. Woods revealed how he sneaked onto the golf course as a youngster since it was the only time he got to play with his father, in a recent video uploaded on Twitter by the PGA Tour’s official account.

“My mom would leave me off in the front parking lot when I did play with my dad,” he said. “I’d circle around to the old back 9, the 18th hole, and jump in the ditch.” My father, a former special forces soldier, taught me how to be devious. I’d go beneath the bridge on the third hole and wait for Dad, disguised. I’d grab a few shrubs and sit there and wait for him.”

While waiting for his father, Woods discreetly searched for misplaced golf balls. Tiger was allowed to play for as long as he wanted once Earl arrived – on one condition.

“The rule was that you had to keep playing until you lost your ball.” ‘Dad, I struck it to the right and it sliced a little bit,’ I said. So Dad would drive over and we’d look for the ball.

“One of the best memories I have with my father is playing in the dark.” Learning to feel and call each stroke, as well as knowing where the golf ball would be upon contact, was all that was required. My golf day would be over if it wasn’t there, and I didn’t want it to end. “I wanted to keep playing,” she says.

Earl must have spent some sleepless nights on the course, watching a young Tiger streak over the night sky.

On the PGA Tour, the esoteric training paid off.

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Woods certainly imagined he’d never have to play in pitch-black conditions after becoming pro, but that’s precisely what occurred at Firestone Country Club during the 2000 NEC Invitational.

On the 72nd hole of the tournament, Tiger had an 11-stroke lead over the rest of the field and could hardly see the ball coming off his club. Even so, he hit an 8-iron to two feet from 168 yards away, sending the fans into a frenzy.

Naturally, he sank the putt and went on to win the championship by a comfortable margin. That approach is still remembered as one of Tiger’s most remarkable shots, and he owes it to his father.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Tiger change about his swing?

A: Tiger changed his swing to be more powerful. He increased the amount of force that is applied on the ball and decreased the time it takes him to react with a new swing.

How did Tiger Woods change his golf swing?

A: Tiger Woods changed his golf swing by adding a new grip to the bottom of his club. The new grip allowed him to use more power from the top and less wrist rotation, which is essential for distance on shots.

Why does Tiger Woods stop his swing?

A: Tiger Woods has an injury to his wrist that is preventing him from being able to complete a full swing. This happens because the players arm does not have as much time or space in which to move, so when they try and hit the golf ball all their force pushes into one side of it, causing them to lose most of their power.

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