In the NFL’s first week, a new era of football has begun. With new rules and a new season, there are some big names that have been getting off to a fast start.

The nfl explosive plays allowed is a statistic that tracks the number of explosive plays allowed by an NFL team during a week. It attempts to measure how well each team prevents big plays.

Nothing compares to the excitement of a new NFL season. Fans get to see whether Super Bowl favorites or preseason media darlings can live up to the hype on opening day. It’s also a chance to see the most intriguing rookies in action for the first time during the regular season. Meanwhile, a few spectacular, attention-getting performances usually stick out.

As a result, we’ve broken down 25 of the most intriguing individual exhibits from the first day. From attack to defense, we’re scanning the field. Some teams maintained their Week One dominance throughout the season, while others faded. But, in the end, they were all explosive in the season’s opening game. Bleacher Report and CBS Sports have compiled the following list.

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Khalil Mack (#25) (2018)

Mack was the highest-paid defensive player in the NFL when he joined the Chicago Bears in 2018. He proved that he was worth every penny with a spectacle to remember. With a nasty and explosive performance against the Packers in week one, the DE demonstrated what he was capable of. Green Bay won the game, but Mack’s persistent pressure was the buzz of the town.

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With the Bears up 10 points, the former NFL Defensive Player of the Year forced a strip-sack and a pick-six (via USA TODAY). He had another sack, drew a penalty, and scored a touchdown later in the first half. All of this was accomplished without any preseason preparation. Furthermore, after destroying Deshone Kizer, he pushed the Packers to come back the injured Aaron Rodgers into the game.

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Marquise Brown (number 24) (2019)

In week one of 2019, Lamar Jackson took home the MVP award, but Brown was just as impressive. Against the Miami Dolphins, he benefitted from his quarterback’s brilliance. The wide receiver has struggled with consistency, but he was on fire in his rookie debut. Brown’s efforts were critical in the Ravens’ 59-10 win against Miami.

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Brown only had four receptions for 147 yards and two scores in the contest. His 83-yard touchdown run was the most thrilling of his career (via the Florida Sun-Sentinel). The receiver had a fantastic debut game, demonstrating why the Ravens selected him in the first round. Throughout his first season, he experienced ups and downs but showed glimpses of greatness.

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Tom Brady is number 23. (2021)

Brady’s fans would have forgiven him if he had begun to slow down. At the age of 44, Brady returned to Tampa for his second season after winning his seventh Super Bowl. Finally, in an exciting and fruitful outing, he put on a clinic for the Cowboys. To help the Bucs win the game, the former Patriots great passed for 379 yards and four touchdowns.

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After Drew Brees, he became the second player in NFL history to throw for 300 yards in 100 games. Dak Prescott, Brady’s opponent, had a great performance with over 400 yards and three touchdowns (via The Guardian). Brady’s seasoned wisdom, on the other hand, guided Tampa to a win despite a slew of errors. With interceptions, he completed 32 of 50 throws. What a performance by the Super Bowl MVP.

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Eddie Royal is number 22. (2008)

After a strong first day performance, rookies may develop unreasonable expectations. Royal falls into this group because he was a talented player but fell short of the expectations of his supporters. He spent the most of his career with the Denver Broncos but was never selected to the Pro Bowl. Despite an amazing debut season in which he lit up the league, he hasn’t been able to repeat his success.

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In Week One, the Denver Broncos faced the Oakland Raiders, and Royal stole the show. The wideout set a rookie club record with nine catches and one score. Meanwhile, with 146 receiving yards that week, he led the league in receiving yards (via Draft Sharks). It was an enthralling performance from a rising talent. Then, before his production decreased, he went on to break a number of Broncos’ records.

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Dan Marino is number twenty-one (1994)

This was a high-octane football matchup between two of the league’s finest quarterbacks. Marino returned to the season after recovering from an Achilles injury, but several supporters questioned his health. Their hero showed that he was in tip-top shape by defeating Drew Bledsoe in a battle. With the game on the line, the Patriots lead 32-28, but Marino secured the victory.

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He threw five touchdowns and one interception on 23 of 42 throws. He had a fantastic game, leading the Dolphins to a comeback win. Marino also surpassed Johnny Unitas’ record for the most 400-yard games with 473 yards (via NBC Sports). Because of performances like these, some fans believe Marino was the greatest pure passer in NFL history.

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Robert Griffin is number 20. (2012)

On the first day of the 2012 season, the Washington Redskins beat the New Orleans Saints. Griffin, on the other hand, was the focus of the narrative because he lit up the game. According to Bleacher Report, it was the greatest rookie quarterback debut in history. They were a little comical in retrospect, but he certainly had a fantastic game. He outperformed Cam Newton the year before by leading his side to victory.

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RGIII completed 19 of 26 passes for 320 yards and two touchdowns. With a passing rating of 139.9, he also holds the record for the best passer rating by a rookie quarterback in their first game. He was the only one of five rookie quarterbacks who didn’t throw a pick that week. We all know how Griffin’s career ended out, but the beginning was so thrilling. It’s a pity what occurred after that.

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Matt Ryan is 19 years old (2014)

Everything went wrong for the Falcons in 2013, but they came out of the gate strong the following season. They won in overtime against the Saints, but the big story was about Ryan. With 448 passing yards in a single game, the quarterback set a new club record. In the meanwhile, he threw three touchdown passes while throwing no interceptions.

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This also moved Ryan ahead of Steve Bartkowski on Atlanta’s all-time touchdown pass record. In the contest against a strong Saints’ defense, he completed 31 of 43 attempts (via CBS Sports). In one of the most action-packed games of his career, Ryan connected nine different receivers with throws. He gave supporters false optimism, however, as the team ended the season with a dismal 6-10 record.

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Drew Brees (#18) (2018)

In week one of 2018, the Bucs barely beat the Saints, but Brees put on a clinic. In a game-breaking effort, the Saints quarterback was outstanding throughout. First, he broke Peyton Manning’s Week One touchdown throw record (via USA Today). Brees connected with Ted Ginn Jr for his 35th career opening day touchdown throw.

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Brees also surpassed the 400-yard mark for the 16th time, an amazing achievement. Brees had a great year in 2018, putting up a lot of impressive performances. He was even a contender for MVP, but Patrick Mahomes beat him out. It was nevertheless amazing to see a 39-year-old play at such a high level. The Saints have a future Hall of Famer on their hands.

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Arian Foster (#17) (2010)

Foster didn’t play much as a rookie, but he started Week One of 2010 ahead of Steve Slaton. It was a brilliant choice because he was amazing. The running back shredded the Colts, rushing for 231 yards and three touchdowns (via SBNation). For the franchise, it was a record-breaking day.

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As the game heated up in the second half, he went on a rampage. Foster was a genuine success story for the Texans, despite the fact that the team didn’t have a strong season overall. Despite playing for a losing team, he completed the season with 1,616 yards and 16 touchdowns. Finally, in 2021, his total from this game was still a franchise record.

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T.J. Watt (#16) (2017)

Because of his elder brother, Watt’s rookie debut drew a lot of attention. T.J., on the other hand, demonstrated that he was his own man, capable of establishing his own reputation. In fact, he outperformed J.J. in his first game with a historic performance against the Browns (via Clutchpoints). Because he interrupted Cleveland’s flow, the former Badgers linebacker had a great start.

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Watt became just the third player in NFL history to begin with two sacks and an interception. Furthermore, this accomplishment has not been accomplished in 30 years. Throughout the game, he caused havoc and proceeded to set rookie records for the club. Watt became the highest-paid defensive player in the NFL in 2021 after being named to back-to-back Pro Bowls.

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Aaron Rodgers (#15) (2018)

Mack’s spectacular Week One performance against the Packers in 2018 has already been discussed. Rodgers, on the other hand, was similarly outstanding. His first half was abysmal, as he only completed three of seven passes for 13 yards. However, he hurt his knee and was replaced by Deshone Kizer by the Packers. The Bears then jumped out to a 17-point lead, forcing Green Bay to rethink their strategy.

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They took a risk by bringing Rodgers back into the game, despite the fact that he was obviously compromised. Despite this, he put on a famous spectacular performance on one leg. He finished 17 for 23 with 273 yards and three touchdowns after his return (via SBNation). Given the circumstances of his injuries and the Bears’ domination, this was incredible. Rodgers, in the end, altered the game on his own.

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Jerome Bettis (14), (2004)

Bettis earns a spot on our list after one of the most memorable and productive first-day performances in NFL history. In 2002, the running back’s performance decreased, and he lost his spot as an automatic starter. However, he developed into a very efficient short-yardage runner. At close range, Bettis was like a battering ram since he was extremely strong and didn’t waste carries.

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On opening day, the Steelers only played him in goal-line scenarios against the Raiders, but their risk paid off. He threw for three touchdowns for the first time in his career, but that wasn’t the greatest part. He scored both of his touchdowns on one-yard rushes. As a result, he had more touchdowns than running yards at the conclusion of the game. It was a tumultuous yet exciting show.

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Cam Newton (#13) (2011)

Newton’s first game in the NFL went nearly exactly how he had hoped. He had a huge game against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 1 for the Carolina Panthers. The first-round selection set a new record for throwing yards by a rookie. He passed for 422 yards, surpassing Peyton Manning’s previous record (via USA Today). Despite the fact that Arizona won the game, Newton was the buzz of the league.

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The Heisman Trophy winner tossed two touchdown passes while also scoring on the ground. With a solitary interception, he blemished his record, but it was still a fantastic effort from a rookie. On the day, his combination with Steve Smith was electrifying. Newton has established himself as one of the most entertaining quarterbacks in the NFL, winning the league MVP award in 2015.

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J.J. Watt (#12) (2014)

Watt was outstanding in Week 1 of the 2014 season against the Washington Redskins. Before this victory, the Texans had a terrible losing run, and Watt was a big part of it. It was his first game after signing a six-year, $100 million deal. He demonstrated that he wasn’t satisfied to sit back and watch the money roll in.

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Watt had two sacks and two tackles for losses (via ESPN). Meanwhile, he blocked points and passes while recovering a turnover. Throughout the game, he hounded Robert Griffin, leaving him with little time to breathe. It was a strong performance by one of the game’s top defensive ends. He was on his way to winning the Defensive Player of the Year title for the third time with this victory.

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T.J. Hockenson (#11) (2019)

In his rookie debut up 2019, Hocksenson put in an outstanding performance. With six catches for 131 yards and a score, the Lions superstar set a new rookie receiving record. Because supporters were suspicious of the first-round selection choice, it was an amazing and unexpected performance.

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Nobody anticipated him to have such a strong first day. He was unable to keep it up for the remainder of the season. He only has 32 receptions for 367 yards and two scores in 2019. (via Fansided). The first game accounted for more than a third of his total yards. The next season, he bounced back and was named to the Pro Bowl. From that spectacular debut, the indications were there.

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Ryan Fitzpatrick (10) (2018)

Football may be perplexing at times. Fitzpatrick’s 2018 season began with a bang since he outperformed expectations. Fitzpatrick has started for eight different NFL clubs, which is a record. He’s the quintessential journeyman quarterback. That year, though, someone put a fire under him because he had an explosive first game.

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The Buccaneers had no intention of starting him, but Jameis Winston’s preseason injury forced them to. Fans got to see ‘Fitzmagic’ in all of its splendor as he threw four touchdowns on 21 of 28 throws (via The Ringer). Meanwhile, his overall yardage of 417 was the most of his career. He smashed the 400-yard mark for three weeks in a row before having his typical breakdown.

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Kurt Warner (nine) (1999)

When considering Warner’s Week One performance in 1999, it’s essential to remember the backdrop. After Trent Green’s late injury, the Rams’ quarterback took over as the starter. However, he was 28 years old and had only ever played in the NFL Europe and the AFL. Because he just had a quarter of an NFL season under his belt, it wasn’t the best scenario. Warner, on the other hand, changed the script.

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In his first game versus the Ravens, he threw three touchdown passes. Meanwhile, he threw for 89 yards on nine of 15 attempts (via SB Nation). While those statistics are impressive in and of themselves, the reality remains that he has very little preseason experience. Meanwhile, Warner never stopped working and was instrumental in propelling ‘The Greatest Show on Turf’ to a Super Bowl victory.

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Jerry Rice, No. 8 (1994)

Rice felt he had an opportunity to create history in the first Monday night game of 1994. At Candlestick Park, the Niners faced the Raiders, but all eyes were on the receiver. Fans were ecstatic because he was just two touchdowns away from tying Jim Brown’s NFL record of 126 touchdowns. Rice, they thought, had a chance to match Brown’s total versus Los Angeles.

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He went one step further, though, by breaking the record on a night when he scored three goals. Rice’s performance was a fairytale comeback, as he broke the record with little over four minutes remaining. Because it was a running play, there was a sense of irony in the final score as well. Rice had only run for a score seven times in his NFL career (via The Undefeated).

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Lamar Jackson (#7) (2019)

After his 2018 season, several commentators mocked Jackson, calling him a glorified running back. On opening day the next year, he proved them wrong in spectacular fashion. The dynamic sophomore had a great Week One performance. He took advantage of the Miami pass rush’s weakness by giving him too much time. He completed 17 of 20 passes for 324 yards and five touchdowns against the Dolphins.

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He was also the youngest quarterback in NFL history to have a perfect passer rating. Marquise Brown, who scored two touchdowns in the first quarter alone, was the primary benefactor of Jackson’s brilliance. After the game, Jackson told the reporters, “Not bad for a running back” (via SBNation). Those were combative remarks, but he had evidence to back them up.

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Tom Brady, No. 6 (2011)

Cam Newton made headlines in 2011 with a spectacular start, but Brady outshined the youngster. Brady showed that he could go even farther after Newton passed for over 400 yards against the Cardinals. Against the Miami Dolphins, he crossed the 500-yard mark for the first time in his career. In truth, it was one of his most comprehensive performances since he succeeded in everything he tried.

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Brady threw touchdown passes to four different receivers. He completed the game with a 121.6 passer rating and a total of 517 yards (via Bleacher Report). Because he scythed through Miami, the reigning NFL MVP demonstrated that he was ready to pick up where he left off. Because Brady was so excellent, some say this was his greatest individual performance of his illustrious career.

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Marcus Mariota (No. 5) (2015)

In Week 1, the Tennessee Titans faced the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in an interesting matchup. With the first overall selection, Tampa Bay chose Jameis Winston. Meanwhile, Tennessee selected Mariota with the second overall selection. The two drew instant comparisons, and fans were eager to see who would shine in Week One.

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Mariota was outstanding, but Winston had a disastrous debut. He was just the second quarterback in NFL history to throw four touchdown passes. On his spectacular first start, the Heisman Trophy winner went 13 of 16 for 209 yards (via SB Nation). After an excellent collegiate career with the Oregon Ducks, there were great expectations. His tenure in the NFL hasn’t been without flaws, but it’s off to a good start.

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Fred Warner, No. 4 (2018)

In his NFL debut against the Minnesota Vikings, Warner put up some impressive defensive numbers. After falling to the third round of the draft, the Niners selected the BYU prospect. He defied his position, though, by putting on one of the most captivating performances of Week One in 2018. The Vikings couldn’t get past the linebacker, who was like a brick wall.

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Throughout the game, he had 11 tackles and one QB hit. Warner also has fumble recoveries, aided tackles, and pass defenses (via Sacramento Bee). Attacking players get all the attention, but a good linebacker can get a crowd to stand up. Kyle Shanahan was pleased with Warner’s consistency, thus he played in every game. He then made his first Pro Bowl appearance in 2020.

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Kareem Hunt is number three on the list (2017)

Some NFL fans believe this was the best rookie debut in league history. Hunt’s spectacular start to life against the Patriots in Week One puts him at the top of the list. With a scorching 246 yards from scrimmage, Hunt shattered the record for yards from scrimmage (via The Ringer). He also had five receptions for 98 yards and three scores versus New England.

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Hunt led the league in running yards as a rookie and was named to the Pro Bowl as a result of his performance. When his career in Kansas City came to an end the way it did, it was a huge letdown. His skill, on the other hand, cannot be denied, as shown by his first start. Because the game was all about him, many fans believe it was one of the best individual performances they’ve ever seen.

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Anquan Boldin is No. 2 on the list (2003)

Because the Detroit Lions couldn’t stop him, Boldin became a one-man wrecking crew. With a record-breaking performance, the wide receiver showed the world what he was made of. It was no surprise when he earned the 2003 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award. After his spectacular start, it seemed a clear conclusion.

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It speaks a lot that he only went over 146 yards once again in his career following this game. His nine catches and one score lit up the stadium (via Sports Illustrated). Boldin has a Super Bowl ring and has been in three Pro Bowls. However, it’s fair to say that he never repeated the brilliance he shown on his debut. There’s no shame in it, however.

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Peyton Manning, No. 1 (2013)

In Manning’s Week One victory against the Ravens, everything went according to plan. It was one of the most memorable performances of his illustrious career. Against a weak Baltimore defense that couldn’t stop him, he threw seven touchdown passes. During an exciting game, Manning tied an NFL record for passing yards. In the end, he threw for 462 yards on 27 of 42 attempts (via USA Today Sports).

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After the Ravens destroyed the Broncos’ Super Bowl aspirations in 2012, this was all about avenging themselves. Before Joe Flacco’s moment of magic to Jacoby Jones, they had a fantastic opportunity to win. Manning and the Broncos got their revenge in the end. Overall, Baltimore performed well, scoring 27 points. Denver’s offense, on the other hand, was unstoppable, scoring 49 points.

The explosive plays football definition is a play in which the offense lines up with more than four players on one side of the ball and tries to advance the ball by running or throwing. This type of play is often referred to as an explosion, and it can be very effective in gaining yards and scoring points.

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