In the past few years, we’ve seen a number of teams that have been hyped as “super” and they never lived up to their potential. They were usually poorly managed or had too many superstars on one team. So what happened?

The “arnold render farm” is a list of the 20 most hyped-up “super teams” that fell flat on their faces. The list includes the Cleveland Browns, Los Angeles Lakers, and Sacramento Kings.

20 Hyped-Up 'Super Teams' That Fell Flat On Their Faces

The concept of a “super squad” is always intriguing, but things may swiftly go awry. On order to win right away, a team’s front office invests millions of dollars in high-priced people. This, however, does not always work out. After a bright start, a team may sometimes break apart.

When these so-called “super squads” falter, fans of rival clubs frequently rejoice since it is embarrassing. Realistically, only a small percentage of these all-or-nothing bets pay out with a championship. Sportscasting has a list of 20 overhyped teams that have fallen flat on their faces.

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Cleveland Browns (20th) (2021)

After winning the playoffs in 2020, the Browns had high expectations for the 2021 season. They finally made the playoffs after years of being one of the poorest teams in the league. It was now time to build on their success and do it all over again. They lost a close game against the Chiefs on opening day before going on a three-game winning run. Fans were ecstatic, but their happiness quickly faded (via Sports Illustrated).

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Cleveland’s inability to maintain consistency throughout the season lost them a spot in one of the NFL’s most competitive divisions. Along with the Ravens, the Bengals were resurgent. The Browns, on the other hand, were humiliated. In a squandered year, players like Odell Beckham Jr. were unable to contribute.

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Angels of Anaheim (19.) (2021)

In 2021, Shohei Ohtani was the most intriguing player in Major League Baseball. Meanwhile, Mike Trout has long been considered the finest player in Major League Baseball. Both of these players are members of the Los Angeles Angels, although the team has yet to win a game. Many feel Trout will never win a World Series while playing for the Angels (via Desert Sun). With them, he has only appeared in one playoff series.

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It’s a pity, since he’s a fantastic player. Furthermore, after a remarkable season, Ohtani’s efforts won him the AL MVP title. Many casual onlookers felt the Angels were a powerhouse team with these two players, but that was not the case. They fell flat on their faces and were unable to compete once again.

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New England Patriots (#18) (2007)

Tom Brady doesn’t have many regrets from his illustrious career, but one of them is the conclusion of the 2007 season. The Patriots had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to become the first team to go unbeaten since the Dolphins in 1972. They fell flat on their faces in the Super Bowl against the New York Giants.

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The Giants eventually won 17-14. The Patriots were a far superior team on paper. They swept the league, winning every regular-season game. Nonetheless, the Giants took advantage of the situation and grabbed victory from their opponents (via Furthermore, the rest of the league was probably grateful, since the Patriots had already achieved so much success that they didn’t need immortality.

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Miami Heat (#17) (2011)

The NBA loves super teams, but it’s remarkable how many of them fail miserably. That’s exactly what occurred when the Heat signed LeBron James. He was added to a lineup that already contained Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. They were, without a doubt, the favorites to win the Finals in 2011. They failed badly in the end.

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They ended the regular season with the franchise’s third-best record. The Miami Heat advanced to the NBA Finals, where they met the Dallas Mavericks. The Heat were well favored, but they lost the series. Dallas defeated Miami’s high-spending team 4-2 and humiliated them (via Bleacher Report). The Heat, of course, came back to win the next season.

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Jackson-Wink MMA is ranked No. 16 in the world (2021)

There was a time when Jackson-Wink was home to a slew of outstanding boxers, but those days are long gone. Champions like Jon Jones and Holly Holm helped build the gym’s reputation in Albuquerque. However, things haven’t always gone well in recent years. First, high-profile player Donald Cerrone quit after a disagreement with coach Mike Winkeljohn.

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Then a slew of other combatants took off. Jones was arrested for domestic assault in Las Vegas, which sparked a catastrophe. Winkeljohn had his gym membership revoked. Co-owner Greg Jackson, on the other hand, said that he would continue to teach the star. Their disjointed approach has hampered Jackson-progress. Wink’s Other teams are now the most well-known MMA clubs in the United States.

cd0ymzcznguwzdbhnduynddiytjhm2yyzthlmtjjotqwyyznptbkytdiogjjntzlnthmntuyy2u1zwrjmta3mdm4odfh USA Today Sports is required credit.

Brooklyn Nets (#15) (2013)

On paper, there was no compelling cause for the Nets’ collapse. In Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Terry, the team had three of the greatest players in the league on its roster (via ESPN). During the regular season, though, they never snapped into gear and creaked their way through. Brooklyn ended with a 44-38 record, good enough for a playoff berth.

nba_a_nets5_cr_1296x729 USA Today Sports is required credit.

They needed to win right now since they had spent so much money to bring in those superstar players. That, however, was not the case. They were eliminated in the second round as the Heat blew them out. Throughout the year, Garnett was horrible, while Pierce was decent. Because their squad didn’t gel and weren’t committed to the mission, Brooklyn fell short.

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AC Milan (14). (2005)

In 2005, AC Milan was the finest soccer team in the world. Andrea Pirlo, Kaka, and Paolo Maldini were among the legends on their roster. When they stormed their way to the final, analysts predicted they’d win the Champions League. In Istanbul, they faced a resurgent Liverpool and were expected to win comfortably.

puyol-xi-paolo-maldini-xwwpo1b-6518-5004-1533615021 Bein Sports is required credit.

Milan seemed to be a more superior squad on paper. They raced out to a 3-0 lead in the first half, and the game seemed to be over (via The Guardian). But then Liverpool staged one of the greatest comebacks in football history. Milan tripped and went down on their faces, eventually collapsing completely. Liverpool eventually won the game in a penalty shootout. It was a high-octane drama that Milan squandered.

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Phoenix Suns (#13) (2021)

In 2021, the Suns scorched their way to the NBA Finals. Many supporters thought this was Chris Paul’s chance to redeem himself. He’d never earned a championship ring before. This was also a wonderful chance for the Suns to finally end their playoff losing run. They had never won the championship before, but a Greek superstar and his squad were standing in their way.

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In the NBA Finals, Phoenix took an early lead over the Milwaukee Bucks (via Sporting News). They swept the first two games, and supporters predicted a rout. The Bucks, on the other hand, bounced back, led by Giannis Antetokounmpo. ‘The Greek Freak’ put on a spectacular Game 6 performance to help his side win the championship. The Suns and Paul were dealt a severe blow, but the Bucks prevailed.

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SBG Ireland, no. 12 (2020)

Conor McGregor helped bring Straight Blast Gym to fame. Several fighters from the Dublin MMA squad competed in the UFC. They were come to “take over,” as McGregor put it. Meanwhile, John Kavanagh, the team’s head coach, received praise for his contributions to the team’s victory. SBG Ireland, on the other hand, has lost credibility in recent years. The success of their fighters determines the prosperity of their gyms.

john-kavanagh-net-worth-and-income-in-2021 Pundit Arena is required credit.

One of the reasons for Kavanagh’s tarnished image is McGregor’s inability to develop. Non-Irish boxers like as Brad Katona and Johnny Walker, on the other hand, lost after training in Dublin. Kavanagh also had a quarrel with Cage Warriors promoter Graham Boylan, which prevented his boxers from fighting on one of Europe’s largest shows. High-profile coaches also left, accusing Kavanagh of being untrustworthy (via MMA Fighting).

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Cleveland Cavaliers (#11) (2009)

The Cavs had a fantastic season, but it didn’t go as planned. After attaining the best regular-season record in the league, they fell flat on their faces. This was LeBron’s penultimate season before his departure to Miami, with an aging Shaquille O’Neal (via Bleacher Report). He may have remained if they had won the Finals in 2009. It’s possible that the NBA’s whole history might have been different.

team-lebron-fb7d99929e84c962 USA Today Sports is required credit.

However, they were defeated by the Celtics in the conference semifinals. Cleveland’s status as a super club is a point of contention among fans. Sure, they had a number of senior athletes on their roster. Their 61-21 record, on the other hand, demonstrated their capacity to win every week. On paper, the Cavs were far superior than the Celtics, thus there was no reason to lose to them.

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Barcelona is number ten (2020)

Barcelona is one of the most well-known football clubs in the world. The Catalan giants draw some of the world’s greatest players. Meanwhile, they have had Lionel Messi’s services for over two decades. He, on the other hand, left when the club collapsed. The level of incompetence behind the scenes was astounding. They suffered financially and lacked a clear direction.

telemmglpict000237100936_trans_nvbqzqnjv4bqscxd4kearx2hhcsg3xkhxcx9dj5stjkfxrai34cdsvw GiveMeSport is required credit.

Barcelona fans expected the team to compete on the field, but they felt isolated. They were eliminated from the Champions League and were unable to compete in La Liga. Their followers were disappointed since they had stood with them through thick and thin. Meanwhile, after leading the squad for so long, Messi announced his desire to depart. Because of his standing as an all-time great, this was a huge setback (via Sky Sports).

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Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 9) (2020)

After beginning the season 11-0, the Steelers were surprised in 2020. Even though they weren’t exactly a fantastic squad, they managed to win every game. That was until they fell flat and embarked on a humiliating losing run. Ben Roethlisberger, their quarterback, was responsible for a lot of it. As the Steelers lost four of their final five games, the quarterback had some of his worst performances.

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Finally, in the Wild Card round, they were eliminated. The Cleveland Browns embarrassed the Pittsburgh Steelers with Roethlisberger’s dreadful performance (via CBS Sports). All of their victories in the first 11 games were now meaningless. To be fair, as they stole their way through those games, they pretended to mislead. Even still, it seemed incredible that a squad on such a lengthy winning run could have such a collapse.

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Los Angeles Lakers (#8) (2003)

In 2003, the Lakers featured one of the most talented squads in franchise history. Shaquille O’Neal was at the pinnacle of his powers, and Kobe Bryant was on the verge of becoming a superstar. Karl Malone even departed the Jazz in order to get a coveted ring before retiring. Gary Peyton, the defensive guru, was even on the team. Despite being a great squad in every sense of the word, they were unable to win the title.

kobe-bryant-1 USA Today Sports is required credit.

They advanced to the Finals but lost the series. The Pistons came close to sweeping them, winning 1-4 overall. The Lakers had a peculiar year because Malone’s presence on the squad caused division. After attempting to hit on Bryant’s wife, he made headlines (via Sportscasting). The Lakers had many future Hall of Famers on their roster, whilst the Pistons had just one.

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Manchester United is ranked number seven (2021)

After Sir Alex Ferguson, United’s long-serving coach, stepped down in 2013, the club was in shambles. After interviewing a number of managers, the front office chose Ole Gunnar Solksjaer, a former player. In 2020, he aided them to a second-place finish, and there was optimism for continuing growth. They signed young players like Jadon Sancho and squad legend Cristiano Ronaldo.

telemmglpict000279108821_trans_nvbqzqnjv4bqvzhtbcqhch-uwdfbyw1jcq-1aypv_tizugremua1ju Sky Sports is required credit.

They quickly realized, however, that they weren’t up to the job. The wheels were put in motion after a devastating loss to Liverpool. Then they collapsed in a humiliating defeat to Watford. Solksjaer’s reign came to an end at this point. United supporters were dissatisfied since the team failed to live up to their expectations. Without any type of identity, they faced another season in the woods (via The Times).

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Brooklyn Nets, No. 6 (2020)

In 2019, the Nets attempted to assemble a super squad, but things did not go as planned. Although they carried the majority of the components to New York, they were unable to get them all onto the court. Over the course of two years, they signed Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and James Harden. Injuries, on the other hand, prevented their stars from having the type of impact they had hoped for.

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In 2020, Brooklyn improved and had greater luck. They were able to make it to the playoffs with the majority of their squad intact. They first defeated the Celtics and won the series. Then, in the Conference semifinals, they faced the Bucks. Despite the fact that Milwaukee came out on top in the end, Brooklyn was disappointed. Despite having one of the most talented lineups in the league, they were unable to win (via Sportskeeda).

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New York Yankees, No. 5 (2020)

The Yankees are synonymous with winning at any costs. They’re also capable of having massive meltdowns. After limping into the Wild Card round in 2020, the New York franchise was a disappointment. The failure of too many of their best players upset the fan base. They want their players to be passionate, but the Yankees didn’t do so.

1306016241 USA Today Sports is required credit.

Before facing the Tampa Bay Rays, they swept the Indians. The Rays went on to win the World Series, but the Yankees never put them to the test. The Yankees dropped the series after five games of mediocrity. Following these losses, some questioned the franchise’s future as well as Aaron Boone’s term as manager (via ESPN).

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4. Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers are a team that knows how to deal with adversity. Los Angeles is, after all, a purple-and-gold town. Supporting the Clippers has been a curse for decades. The Lakers were dominating, winning 17 championships, while the Clippers never advanced beyond the third round. 2020, on the other hand, was meant to be different. The franchise had actual star power after adding Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

r736708_2_1296x729_16-9 USA TODAY Sports is required to be credited.

That’s why their loss to the Denver Nuggets in the conference playoffs was so upsetting. Their long-suffering supporters had great expectations, but the Clippers were unable to live up to them (via L.A. Mag). They flopped at the most inopportune moment. They dropped seven games after winning three of the first four. It was a dreadful collapse, but one that the whole world had predicted.

hi-res-c7f780105fb24a6a165c66f12018271b_crop_north-scaled USA TODAY Sports is required to be credited.

Dallas Cowboys, No. 3 (2020)

For America’s Team, 2020 was meant to be an exciting year. Mike McCarthy has taken over as the team’s new head coach. Meanwhile, Dak Prescott was quickly establishing himself as a top quarterback. Ezekiel Elliot, Amari Cooper, and rookie CeeDee Lamb were among his thrilling weapons. Even if they didn’t win the Super Bowl, their supporters thought they would be contenders.

yi0swzspywijxsxhfyot USA TODAY Sports is required to be credited.

The Cowboys, on the other hand, didn’t even come close. Prescott broke his ankle in Game Five and had to be replaced. This was a catastrophic blow since they had lost both a leader and an exceptional athlete. Andy Dalton went in as a substitute, but he, too, had injury issues. Meanwhile, their other stars underwhelmed, and the season was a flop. Another year had been squandered (via USA Today).

18onsoccer7-videosixteenbyninejumbo1600 USA TODAY Sports is required to be credited.

2. The city of Liverpool (2020)

In 2019, Liverpool won the Premier League for the first time in 40 years. They were unable to celebrate in front of their followers due to the worldwide health crisis. Their ardent followers, on the other hand, wanted to see them repeat the feat the next season. After Dejan Lovren’s departure, the squad took a risk early on. The center-back wasn’t a sure thing as a starter, but he was a good backup. It was a pivotal moment in their year.

f0a8ae31ed60f916507e56b9ccfd756175b3d9d4 GOAL is a mandatory credit.

Virgil Van Dijk, the star defender, suffered a horrific leg break against Everton. Meanwhile, their other defenders were out with injuries as well. As a result, Jurgen Klopp was obliged to move his players out of position and start inexperienced youngsters. Ironically, they had a strong start to the season before losing Van Dijk. They clawed their way into the top four and qualified for the Champions League (via The Guardian).

1344800522 USA Today Sports is required credit.

1. The Rams of Los Angeles (2021)

The future is always on the minds of NFL clubs. Nothing is more important to them than finding the next franchise quarterback. The Rams, on the other hand, adopted a different strategy in 2021. By selling away precious draft selections, they attempted to construct the greatest roster possible. They started by acquiring Matthew Stafford from the Lions. They acquired Von Miller from the Broncos in the midst of the year.

i-2 Bleacher Report is required credit.

This was intended to be a powerhouse squad that could win right away (via The Guardian). They had a terrific start to the season, winning seven of their first eight games. Stafford’s performance suddenly deteriorated, with pick-sixes strewn throughout the field. In three weeks, he tossed three. To put it in context, Aaron Rodgers has only thrown three touchdown passes in his entire career. Even if the Rams still have time to turn their season around, a three-game losing run is concerning.

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